Welcome to the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) and the Sacred Work of Rhonda Lenair

We welcome you to our website! Most likely you were referred here by someone that cares about you and understands that you’ll profit by knowing about Rhonda Lenair’s work. More importantly, we hope you’ll benefit by being in her presence through one of our Self(s) Healing Experiences.

Whether you experience SHE in-person, via phone, or in a Group venue, we know you’ll experience the many miracles that this divine work produces.

Ours is a very rich website: we know you will profit by being informed, enlightened, enriched and transformed by visiting with us. But, if you don’t have the time now to explore all of it, please take a few minutes to peruse the following sections:

about us

This section will introduce you to our Healing Center and explore why people worldwide visit us (hint: we’re the only place in the world offering this experience). Visit us here

introductory video

In this 3 minute video, meet some of our clients and their stories and understand the scope of this powerful work.

While watching this video, many people misconstrue what SHE effectively addresses. They might think that SHE is only appropriate for someone that struggles with self-sabotaging behaviors (addictions) and thoughts. But this ‘predictable miracle’ that SHE is renowned for is only one small part of what occurs and is a ‘byproduct’ of the experience. You do not have to be struggling with self-abusive issues to be subject to the many miracles SHE offers, as the objective of SHE is to attain the sanctity of inner peace and transcend whatever is blocking it.

Click on the video player on any of our pages to view this informative piece.

Watch, listen and read our client’s miraculous Self(s) healing stories

Even before you read about our exclusive services, take a few minutes and let our clients tell you about their transformations. Many of them were skeptical, or fearful, or anxious or non-believers before they experienced this unique and divine experience. Since 1987, over 30,000 people from around the world have been in Rhonda Lenair’s presence and been subject to their pure reflected truth. Here are their stories. This section begins with those that lost their cravings and desires for alcohol as a byproduct and phenomenon of SHE. The drop-down menu offers stories about other issues resolved through SHE. You can start here

our services

Now you can learn about our services in more detail. This is the page that explains the benefits of the SHE in-person.

Here you’ll learn about SHE via phone and why Rhonda is legendary as a medical intuitive: she’s been compared over and over to the ‘Sleeping Prophet’, Edgar Cayce.

And here you’ll learn about the Group Self(s) Healing Experience where hundreds of people gather on the phone to hear one as one synthesized voice and reflection through Rhonda – another transforming experience.

Next, stop by the News & Events page to learn about what’s most current including many of our offers, including discounts.

If you have some lingering questions, the FAQ page will most likely address them for you.

And of course, the Scheduling & Fees section will be of interest.

Once you’ve finished these sections, feel free to explore some of the more advanced material on the site. Once you’ve become comfortable with the terminology used here, these other sections will be easier to understand like Self(s) Education, the Self(s) Message, and our blog. Then please call or email me (Barry Lenair) and I look forward to answering any of your questions. I can be reached toll-free at 1.888.412.8392 and at barry@lenair.com. I’m dedicated to assisting and serving you.

And here’s a download of Rhonda and I speaking about what happens past and beyond the ‘predictable miracle’ that clients have written about happening for almost 3 decades

beyond the predictable miracle 9-27-13 sound amplified

With sincerity,
Barry Chalfin Lenair

P.S. Don’t forget to tell me who shared our information with you: I’d like to thank them.

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    • Through the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE), transcend any obstacle that is blocking the sanctity of inner peace

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