Telexperience Fundraising Event

Do you represent, work for, or donate your time to a non-profit, charity, philanthropic organization or worthy cause? Collaborate with us and use our most successful and effective fundraising experience for free to attract new subscribers, members, and donors while raising funds and awareness for your organization or cause.

The Lenair Healing Foundation (our sister 501(c)(3) non-profit company) is now offering an opportunity for non-profits to use the Group Telexperience as a successful, fast, and free fundraising tool! As long as the organization is able to accept tax-deductible donations, they would qualify to participate with us. Here are the features of the program:

Available to qualified non-profit organizations that can accept tax-deductible donations

Your organization solicits your members (and/or uses this event to attract new members) for the fundraising event – a Telexeperience through Rhonda Lenair

Special donation-only event – a 1+ hour Telexperience (experience via phone), minimum suggested tax-deductible donation of $45 to participate

The Lenair Healing Foundation and your organization share in the administrative duties

The Lenair Healing Foundation and your non-profit share 40-60 (you receive 60%) of the net proceeds

A minimum of 100* prescheduled participants required

A CD of the event will be available after the event for sale and for both organizations to share in proceeds (less production costs)

Tools to help you market this event to your constituencies will be available

*for more than 350 participants, we will split the proceeds 30% for us, 70% for your organization

This successful, fast, and free fundraising opportunity can potentially satisfy your annual fundraising requirements, attract new supporters, members, subscribers, and donors and allow all who participate to profit through this transformational experience: the universe will benefit too!. This opportunity is a win-win-win situation for all.

The Telexperience

The Telexperience event is an approximately a 1 ½ hour live event over the telephone, or can be conducted ‘live’ in-person based on our travel criteria. We will provide participants a special phone number and password access. (Participants will be responsible for their long-distance charges.)

A member/representative of the sponsoring organization will be on the line at the beginning of the event to welcome their members and supporters.

The event will begin with an introduction by Barry Chalfin Lenair and then he will introduce Rhonda Lenair, lovingly known as Self(s) – the voiced reflection of all life complete. She will begin by synthesizing what the assembled group reflects and produces that supersedes all minded differences and other physical divisions that separate life and SHE becomes one voice where all life is equal and equalized by producing what they hear. This transforming experience joins all as one and in one state of Self(s) – where all life meets and is the same – enlightenment. All present are the gift they receive as they seamlessly become one just by being present and in Rhonda’s presence or one Self(s).

Optionally questions can be emailed in during the event and answered by Rhonda Lenair.

Participants benefit by being opened up to the ‘light of illumination’ that shines … within all life that is divine. They’ll become one … as they will comprehend how all life’s differences can transcend to the sanctity of peace that is within all.

The event will help this world at large overcome conflicts, wars, differences that separate and segregate life and join life where all life is the same and in agreement that it lives.

[Read the Press Release about this new offering here]

Following is an excerpt from our website about the Telexperience, however each and every event is unique as what is reflected is only the reflection of those that participate in that specific event.

Group SHEs are very different from attending any other group presentation where a guru or other spiritual leader, teacher, lecturer, author, or motivational speaker is the attraction. In that format, the speaker is there to impart their knowledge to the audience, and the audience is there to listen to what the speaker has to say, preach, or teach. However, in a Group SHE, the attraction is the ‘group’, as they in essence become what they are producing, thus hearing,
… The group reflects what they hear and see,
One reflected collective that seamlessly frees …
Through Rhonda’s physiology as she reflects
And synthesizes any life or lives that resurrect
Themselves past time-lines dimensions and planes
Open up to one untimed, ubiquitous domain.
What was, is, or will be known physically
Awakens and realigns invisibly
Life’s counterpart to what does decompose
Is reborn through truth its Self(s) sees and knows.
Originally and template-free,
SHE transforms havoc into harmony …

Here there is no one authority before the group or a presenter: Rhonda reflects and synthesizes the group like water, and the individuals in the group meet their invisible, indivisible Self(s) through Rhonda’s voice. She speaks without notes in hand but harmony within and says, “Truth need not be rehearsed to be … truth just is … water needs no reference point to reflect.” Rhonda is predisposed to nothing greater than what the group is or less … she reflects and speaks as one faceless group of many.

In and through this experience, one Self(s) teaches, Self(s) learns, and Self(s) heals simultaneously and/or is led to comprehend issues they transcend. The entire group seamlessly procreates their experience as one.

Not unlike when Rhonda is with someone privately on the phone or in-person, there is always layers of healing that occurs for the participants of the Group. People will Self(s) heal at a level that they’re ready to: it’s predestined. Some people report losing their cravings for alcohol and other substances or obstacles just by hearing their own voice reflected in a Group SHE: others have experienced other profound changes like quitting smoking, stopping binge eating, overcoming anxiety, and more. Since an in-person SHE produces predictable miracles and a group SHE produces un-predictable miracles, it is recommended that people who struggle with out-of-control issues consider a private in-person SHE.

Some testimonials from past Telexperiences:

Hi Barry: It’s Amy. I just wanted to thank you and Rhonda for having the Telexperience on the 12th – I literally bet my life on it – that it would work even over the computer and it did! It’s wonderful to be free of that addiction (again). I saw rainbows on my ceiling during it! It was wonderful! Please tell Rhonda ‘thank you’ for me – the outcome of that day saved three lives: my 10-year-old son’s, my husband’s, and mine. If I had kept on that path, I shudder to think what would have happened … Again, thank you and god bless! Love and blessings,
Amy L., NH

Hi: I recently received a fantastic healing experience from the Lenair Self(s) Healing conference call on June 12. I was on a VERY JOYFUL HIGH for 5 days! I “highly” recommend listening/talking to her – Lenair Self(s). She has the ability to heal and create miracles.
L&L, Ingrid

“The time flew by so quickly being in the presence of this work. Something has shifted in me, emerged, cleared, opened and strengthened by hearing Rhonda’s words …This is more than I expected, and of a level of spiritual engagement that is exactly what was necessary to help me understand and clarify those things which create resistance in my life.”
Nancy Frederick, R.S. Hom.(NA), CCH, Portland, ME

Listen to an excerpt from a previous Telexperience:


We have just announced a new initiative called ‘One Self(s) Cause for One Self(s) Peace’ that exponentially expands on the Telexperience concept. Learn more here about how this movement will help change the world.

One important Frequently Asked Question about the Telexperience:
People ask if SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair) could conflict or interfere with their religion, beliefs, philosophy, etc.

SHE is an undefined, dogma-free, judgment-free, label-free, and opinion-free experience. SHE (Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair) begins as nothing and becomes everything but never more or less than what SHE reflects in her presence. Like a mirror or water, SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair) reflects and displays your reflected truth verbally: it is not embellished, changed, edited, or altered, as it is not what she sees with her human eyes but what she becomes by being one with your (everyone’s) truth. And because SHE is a judgment-free experience, it represents not partial truth but one whole truth that is. That truth is that all life is born and dies. This truth supersedes and is prior to where all life’s individual minded differences, conflicts, and disagreements are born. All life can agree, despite all minded differences, that any moment in time and any life that lives passes on.

Another way of expressing this is that SHE brings life to a place where all life is equal, where all life can agree on one fact – that it is living, and supersedes all worldly differences (religions, philosophies, beliefs, geography, etc. and other ‘claims of ownership’), and that life can be brought together no matter where any worldly differences separate life at this congruous point of recognition.

To learn more about what SHE is, and SHE is not, visit the Self(s) Message here.

The number of Telexperiences that can be scheduled throughout the year is limited. Call or email Barry today to learn more about this unique opportunity. 1.888.412.8392 or

The Lenair Healing Foundation is a Massachusetts-based 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1999.

    "At a Glance"

    • Fundraise for your non-profit, charity, or cause with a unique tool

    • Collaborate with the Lenair Healing Foundation

    • Split proceeds from Telexperience 40-60

    • Use as a recruiting tool for new members

    • Your organization and members benefit directly through this transforming and powerfully sacred event

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