Even though our schedule can be booked well in advance, we do our best to accommodate a quick or even immediate scheduling that might be necessitated because of someone’s very busy schedule, time constraints, and/or other factors.

We do not overbook and strive to leave ample time between clients to respect your privacy concerns and to allow for any unanticipated additional time you may require.

Please call (1.888.412.8392) or email ( to discuss the next appointment time availability.

All private, in-person experiences are comprised of three sessions over one or two days with Rhonda Lenair.


What SHE Offers in one day:$4,800 Our most time-accelerated in-person experience is offered in only one day. Our one-day experience is ideal for those with time-constraints, traveling issues, and those who do not want to stay overnight.

What SHE Offers on Weekends:$12,000 When 3 people schedule and come in together, a weekend is made available.

All three people are seen privately on Saturday for their first session, and all three again privately two times on Sunday for their second and third sessions. Weekends are available for one person for the fee of $8,000.

What SHE offers on the weekend is ideal for people who have demanding schedules or time constraints, or anyone requiring or desiring extreme privacy. Families, friends, or co-workers that travel together and wish to be seen at the same time appreciate being our exclusive weekend clients. Weekends are also ideal for those that cannot disrupt their work or weekday schedule.

SHE Travels to Your Home or Your Location Contact for fees and availability.


Appointments in our office are generally scheduled from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM East Coast time. Since we are often booked ahead, we strongly advise you schedule your appointment well in advance, whenever possible. Please call at 1.888.412.8392 to schedule.


All appointments (experiences) are paid in full at the time of scheduling and nonrefundable. If a life or death emergency occurs or extreme weather conditions prevent safe traveling, another appointment time will be given. You can pay for your experience by credit card (DISCOVER, MasterCard or VISA) or forward a money order or bank check. Sorry, but our credit card processor does not accept AMEX.

If more than one person schedules to come in during the same time, or if you are scheduling for any weekend experience, payment for all experiences are due – in full – at the time of scheduling and are non-refundable.. We do this because if one person decides at the last minute not to come and the rest of the group cancels, it will affect our schedule dramatically for the week: we do not overbook and we would not be able to fill the appointments. Of course in the case of life-threatening emergency, another appointment time will be given to that person.  

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Following your last (third) session, your system will comprehend what the next best time will be to connect and check-in via the telephone to see how you’re doing. This phone check-in is included as part of your first experience; any recommended phone contact following your check-in, if you elect to continue, is scheduled for what SHE offers via phone and is a separate, new experience that differs considerably from the purpose of your check-in.


We have a small Healing Center, we do not overbook, and we are generally booked well in advance. We ask for a non-refundable deposit when you schedule your experience because any cancellations affect our schedule and our time significantly and it is very difficult to fill in an appointment on short notice as most clients travel a distance to see us. Of course, if it a matter of life-or-death, we will provide an alternate time for your experience. At that time, the full fee must be paid and it is non-refundable.


There is no preparation required for what SHE offers other than if you wish to be primed for the ‘predictable miracle’ that clients report occurring, it is best to come in craving and/or thinking about it (if it is a repetitious thought or a stressor that is affecting the quality of your life or health). And no matter what obstacle that is interfering with the sanctity of inner peace, and/or no matter what has motivated you to schedule what SHE offers, all clients must refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs, and/or self-prescribed medications for 18-24 hours prior to any scheduled appointment at our center. Although, if your doctor and/or health care provider has prescribed any pharmaceuticals, do not stop taking them, unless your doctor has told you to stop. Additionally, if you are under a doctor’s care, follow your doctor’s advice only, as this is a non-medical experience. If you are struggling with an addiction, the Self(s) Healing Experience is not an addiction cessation program, treatment or therapy. The ‘predictable miracle’ that clients have reported for decades of effortlessly outgrowing their addiction is only a byproduct of what SHE offers.

Many people are under the misconception that they have to have an out-of-control problem to benefit from what SHE offers: this is not true as the promise of what SHE offers is instant enlightenment, which would shine the light on any obstacle or stressor that would stand in the way of inner peace — which is the objective of the Self(s) Healing Experience.


Although it is by no means a requirement, it is beneficial if a spouse, close family member, companion or close friend accompany you. This is by no means a requirement and will not affect the outcome of your experience, but many people wish for someone they’re close with to share and witness their information and find it helpful.

You will have the option to make that decision – even if they accompany you – immediately after your session. If they are present, they will gain insight and be subject to the very personal, and in most cases profound, knowledge your system will or could produce and compose. Additionally, you may feel very relaxed after your first session and would appreciate someone else driving or accompanying you on the road if you have a lengthy drive ahead of you.

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The Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) via phone provides you with 20 minutes of very concentrated, in-depth, and powerful information that emanates from beyond your physiology but relates directly back to it.

You are required to sign and forward a Consent Form (it will be emailed to you) to us at least three days prior to your session. This must be received prior to your scheduled phone experience. You can mail, scan and email, or fax toll-free (1.877.500.8091) the agreement.

What SHE offers via phone is not documented, so if you wish, you can take notes. If you do have questions, please ask them during your experience: no questions will be answered after the experience has ended.


The fee for what SHE offers via phone is $425.00 (US) for the 20-minute baseline session; however, more time can be provided if you wish. Any additional time beyond the 20-minutes is prorated. We require $425 to be paid at the time you schedule. Phone appointment payments can be secured via credit card or certified check and are non-refundable. If additional time is requested at the end of the 20 minutes, any additional fees are then charged to your credit card.


We typically schedule appointments for what SHE offers via phone well in advance. We do not call ahead to confirm, therefore, it is your responsibility to be ready at your appointment time. The fee of $425 is non-refundable unless it is due to a life-threatening emergency in which case another appointment will be given.


Rhonda will call you at your appointment time at the phone number you indicated on your Consent Form.

Feel free to prepare any questions you may have in advance of your session. You can ask your questions during the experience (although most people never need to!). Calling from a landline, if possible, is preferred.

What SHE offers via phone is provided in non-linear time and Rhonda closes her eyes during your session, as she becomes one with you by ‘being’, not ‘seeing’ you … and becoming you. In essence, you meet your complete and perfect infinite Self(s) intelligence.

Rhonda does not use a clock during any experience (in-person, on the phone, or in a Group format). Rhonda will alert you when 20-minutes has elapsed; at that time you can decide if you wish to continue. If so, your credit card will be billed for the additional time.

As a reminder, we do not permit recording, in any format. Your experience, at best, should be absorbed and experienced by being still in your ‘knowing’, voiced infinite presence. Rhonda will reference when you should take notes that your system indicates you need to remember.Information that emanates from your experience should be seamlessly experienced and not re-heard or experienced in pieces or fragments. All experiences are whole in accordance with what your system knows and how it is produced.

To schedule a Self(s) Healing Experience via phone, call (1.888.412.8392).


Group Self(s) Healing Experiences via phone or in-person are held periodically throughout the year through Sponsors. (Learn about SHE Sponsors.)

Information about Group Self(s) Healing Experiences that we offer without sponsorship can be found on our News & Events pages, so check these pages regularly. Also, don’t forget to join our email list so you will be updated about all of our Self(s) educational offerings.

The Lenair Healing Foundation(LHF) 501(c)(3) nonprofit sponsors what SHE offers in a group and are standardly by donation only events. We look forward to you joining us seamlessly in-person or via phone for an unforgettable Group Self(s) Healing Experience where predictable and unpredictable miracles are always primed to occur!

Call for dates of our next Telexperience or visit our News & Events page. Our past events are available on CD or downloads through our STORE.

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    "At a Glance"

    •SHE offers in-person experiences in one day or two days

    •SHE offers weekend experiences for groups of three

    •SHE can travel to your location

    •What SHE offers via phone is a 20-minute time -accelerated experience

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