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The Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE)

Many people are attracted to what SHE offers and motivated to schedule for the ‘predictable miracle’ that SHE (the Self(s)* Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair as ONE become) is legendary for producing in her presence. For almost 3 decades, tens of thousands of people have reported quickly and effortlessly outgrowing their cravings, desire, and/or need to self-destruct. However, this ‘predictable miracle’ is not the promise or the objective of what SHE offers: it is a byproduct that people continuously report occurring in-person.Now, you will learn about what the experience is and all of the miraculous gifts SHE has to offer beyond the ‘predictable miracle’ SHE is legendary for producing.

*Self(s): ONE infinite eternal, macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter, each representing ONE whole and one whole part of ONE communicatory ‘being’ that IS pure intelligence.

What SHE offers in-person and via phone holds the same promise – you are instantly enlightened by ONE Self(s) intelligence that presides within that is unmuted.

… Through what SHE offers you will hear
What is ripe to repair
And/or you will comprehend
What you’re primed to transcend …
Per the seeds of origin of what is, and was occurring and why…

More and more people are coming to understand what this means and the infinite value SHE provides finitely and beyond.

Through Rhonda’s human voice, your infinite voice is unmuted and you will receive and hear exactly – no more or less – multitudinous unedited facts and findings in whatever way or area your system reflects you need to be subject to. Throughout your lifetime (from birth to demise, and often prior to birth), you will hear what repairs and/or you’ll be centered in the realization of how to.

SHE is truly miraculous for infinite reasons, thus all the benefits are impossible to list. And because SHE is in essence undefinable until SHE meets what defines the experience – you – it is impossible to define what you will produce and reflect.

SHE is a nonmedical and nonphysical experience but relates to everything that is, was, or becomes physical.

The experiences are time-accelerated.

SHE occurs in infinite time but relates to all finite-timed occurrences.

Because SHE is infinite, as such are the possibilities.

SHE is governed and controlled by what your system knows, not what Rhonda Lenair thinks.

You become ONE Self(s) expert and specialist in whatever realms your system discloses and produces that you’re ripe to profit by.

What was, is, or will be probable to occur through all levels of consciousness.

Old lessons that are unfinished or pending.

Geographical and topographical favorable and unfavorable points.

Stressors, physically and beyond.

All that is transpiring that you are ‘ripe’ to benefit from – no more, no less (i.e. physically, psychologically) etc.

Genetic and other predispositions.

Information standardly produced through technology: x-rays, scanners, MRI, and many times information prior to technology recognizing findings and/or equipped or programmed to see (i.e. the seeds of origin).

Lab data and other testing (i.e. blood, urine, saliva, etc.).

You become ONE Self(s) detector, Self(s) specialist and Self(s) expert in any area, physically and beyond (i.e. cardiology, dentistry, science, arts, humanities, mathematics, philosophy, etc.).

What to avoid or incorporate in all areas.

Deficiencies and toxicities.

Allergens and sensitivities.

Compatible and incompatible foods and substances.


Self(s) conceived/received, calibrated prayers
Your system composes what you hear
As you receive insights and foresights and in hindsight that tell
You, how to BE – whole and well …

Metaphors that reflect what is going on in your life and why.

What is, was and is likely to occur; why it is continuing and/or probable to occur.

Weak and strong areas systemically.

Unresolved conflicts and/or time warps you’re stuck in, why, and what to do about them.

Innate abilities and talents.

Past life references.

Finding and understanding your life purpose.

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    "At a Glance"

    • Rhonda Lenair is a prophet, luminary, and renowned medical intuitive who has been compared to the 'Sleeping Prophet' Edgar Cayce. She founded a non-medical paradigm called the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE)

    • SHE is offered privately in-person, via phone, or in a Group Self(s) Healing Experience.

    • Most advanced and quickest way to attain instant enlightenment and the sanctity of inner peace.

    • Renowned for a phenomenon that thousands of clients attest to effortlessly outgrowing and losing all desires, cravings, and need to engage in self-destructive behaviors and/or thoughts.

    • Clients report out-of-control behaviors with alcohol, food, smoking, and other substances disappear with ease and without any withdrawals, pain, or effort.

    • SHE is a non-medical time-accelerated experience where issues are resolved in hours, not days or weeks.

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