Poemantra is a hybrid conceived from poem and mantra – life receives calibrated rhythmic prayers and affirmations all life bears. Read them here and see how they work in your life.

Seamlessly born from poem and mantra that tell, all life how to be well.

Self(s) Education


… Poemantra was Self(s) conceived
Born, delivered, and received
Poemantra emanated from two crossed seeds
Poem and mantra for all life’s needs
A hybrid ‘gift’ that calibrates
All life as ONE Self(s)/self that co-creates
What’s finitely structured and formed
Is infinitely delivered, received, and born

Poemantras are Self(s) voiced honesty
That deliver messages that free
All life as ONE Self(s) equally
ONE Self(s)/self co-created prayer
All life receives what ONE Self(s) airs
ONE Self(s) composition that all life IS
ONE/one moving seamless Self(s) being that lives
Within what’s physically masked and disguised
When a life is awakened, ONE Self(s) is realized
Through Poemantras all life is primed to receive and BE
Gifted ONE Self(s) intelligence – Poemantrically …

Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.

… Poemantras rhythmically tell,
How life can be well,
Through Self(s) calibrating prayers
All life produces what life hears
Poemantras are energetic iterations,
Sourced by and through all creation …

… Poemantras recreate and co-create
What’s born and/or eliminates
Life’s woes to go or be known
What life in deeds not or needs to own
Through Poemantras life is shown
Lessons anew or overgrown
Poemantras balance all life’s strife
Through ONE self(s) being in finite life
All life produces and receives
Reflections of what’s self/Self(s) conceived
Poemantras rhythmically solve
What, why and how woes revolve
Poemantric prayers prime woes to absolve
In ONE Self(s) presence and essence, they are primed to evolve …

… Poemantras Self(s) teach and/or Self(s) heal
Life from what becomes physically real
Through Poemantras life obtains
Messages ONE Self(s) explains
What energetically causes pain
And how ‘in essence’ it refrains
Past physical boundaries, realms and planes
Life’s recomposed and rearranged
As all life ascertains
What comes from ONE Self(s) domain
Poemantras are omnipresent, time-eternal insights, foresights, and in hindsight that tell,
Truth that lies and frees life to be well
Centered, balanced, and free
Are Self(s) composed Poemantrically …

Poemantras are infinitely available to all finite parts of ONE Self(s) moving, changing, rearranging, recalibrating, recreating being … and universe

… Poemantras keep life on course
Recomposing ONE Self(s) sourced universe
Replicated within bodies to be free
From what was, is, or will be
Timed concurrently physically
All life produces and conceives
Poemantras blessings ONE/one life receives
Infinite prayers heard finitely
Life sees how to live in peace and be–
Come able to attain
What lives or dies remains
Eternally with and without frames*
Poemantra opens life to see
Within ONE Self(s) union and ONE Self(s) destiny …

*frames: forms in bodies; bodies of finite knowledge; and any other physical boundaries, separations, and/or divisions.

… Where poem meets mantra seamlessly,
Calibrated prayers that set life free,
Poemantra rhythmically tells
Truth to be whole and well
Through Self(s) delivered prayers,
All life receives and bears,
Witness to what all life hears
Poemantras calibrate life to comprehend
What ONE Self(s) recommends
Through insights, foresights, and in hindsight – now
Life’s primed to repair by knowing how
What and why to do
Poemantra’s insights see life through
To undefined gravity-free realms and planes
Where what was defined bears no name
Where multitudinous possibilities remain
For all life’s conflicts to refrain …

… Poemantras are Self(s) calibrating prayers
All life produces and hears
What recompose woes to repair
Or lead life to comprehend
What absolves and amends
Woes to go and be learned by
What is truth within life lies
Poemantras are Self(s) sent insights, foresights, and in hindsight
That alchemize what’s wrong to light
Where life’s dark struggles lose their fight
Poemantras Self(s) teach and/or Self(s) heal
Conflicts and problems that become real
Poemantras are Self(s) composed
Sent from ONE Self(s) that knows
All that lives and IS what’s life
Poemantras recompose what life perceive as strife
And life’s primed to see what’s illuminated
From what was, is, and will be created
Through Poemantras life ascends
To ONE Self(s) center – one then comprehends …

… Pure truth IS all life needs to be – Truth …
Centered and balanced in and then life’s free to be – Truth …
Produced by what life IS – Truth …
As life in life is primed to forgive
Itself as ONE Self(s) presides and occupies
All physical life’s truth and where truth lies …
[What’s born and dies] – Truth …
Within each singular life form that is born – Truth …
That bears no thorns – or scorn – Truth …
IS judgment-free – pure Truth …
IS ONE Self(s) destiny – Truth …

… Life enters
ONE Self(s) centered – Truth …
And exits physically – Truth …
A singular life’s ‘blocked’ to see – Truth …
ONE Self(s) truth collectively …

…ONE Self(s) that IS, sees and knows
Why life is born, dies or what comes and goes
ONE Self(s) system shows all life the way
Systemically how pure peace and love is relayed …

Visit the Self(s) message and Mother Poemantra HERE and start benefitting right away.

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    "At a Glance"

    • A hybrid seed, Self(s) conceived, received and delivered

    • ONE infinite, calibrated prayer, in parts imparted all finite life's primed to hear

    • Offers instant enlightenment through insights, foresights, and in hindsight that tells how life can be happy and well

    • Gently opens life to conceive, sacred prayers ONE Self(s) airs that life receives

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