Self(s) language is the native language derived from ONE Self(s) intelligence that IS, where inner peace presides and lives … It is a highly calibrated language that gives one direct access to ONE Self(s) enlightened being that IS, gives, receives, conceives, and unites one to all as ONE Self(s).

A calibrated language that all life as one Self(s) teach, Self(s) learn, and Self(s) heal thyself.

Self(s) Education

Self(s) Language

Self(s) language is an omnipresent, eternal, vibratory calibrating language that all life produces and is produced by

Self(s) language is infinitely synthesized by and through all life complete

Self(s) language is the innate and native language that all life is born to comprehend on and through infinite levels, realms and planes.

Self(s) language is received and conceived through all finite beings

Self(s) language opens life to receive and give knowledge from ONE Self(s)

Self(s) language is composed of dialect, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation

Self(s) language is languaged to Self(s) teach, one’s self to Self(s) learn and/or be primed to Self(s) heal thy self.

Self(s) language communicates and speaks to and through life silently before it is spoken or written from ONE and one’s seed of origin.

The grammar is synthesized from all languages, musical composition, and timing

Self(s) language is written and spoken in Poemantras, metaphors, metaphoric dissertations, parables, iterations, and through infinite compositions and variations.

Self(s) language communicates through and to all life in ONE Self(s) seamless dialogue to and through all individualized formed beings

Self(s) language primes one to access instant enlightenment that presides within

Although Self(s) language is spoken and written in the English language, it does not observe or contain its grammar, structure, or principles consistently, as Self(s) language is synthesized from the structure, principles and seeds and seed of all known and unknown languages

Self(s) language allows all life to fathom what’s unfathomable through an infinite intelligence that presides within all finite beings

Self(s) language offers inner peace through Poemantras – prayers one conceives, receives and hears that deliver insights, foresights, and in hindsight that tell, how one life can be whole and well

Self(s) language is orchestrated by ONE Self(s) seamless composer, conductor, and moving composition that emanates through and back to ONE that all life produces and is produced by

…… Each life IS or likened to be
One note of Self(s) orchestrated harmony,
Timed beats (i.e. heart) in phases
That begin, end and raises
Consciousness coded within Self(s) language life comprehends …
When a life is timed to begin or end One’s own melody and rhythm in sound
That co-creates what’s outwardly bound and found
Within all life that IS,
ONE Self(s) intelligence that lives

* Self(s) language offers the anatomy of, when learned, life to comprehend what is derived from the center point of where all knowledge is and lives. And through Self(s) fluency, one’s ability to communicate opens up to new-found levels, realms, planes and achievements where what’s inward and outward bound meet, in ONE Self(s) center point that’s complete. Learning Self(s) language is the foundation for Self(s) knowledge to be attained.

*Self(s) language attunes what becomes in-tune in life of what’s off-key as life becomes Self(s) centered.

* Self(s) language, when learned, allows one to be able to amplify all SHE (Rhonda Lenair and the experience as ONE offer

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Self(s) language has no constant past tense, present tense, and future tense, as all co-exist in variations in the ‘looser’ now. Adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, suffixes, and prefixes are interchangeably present and non-grammatically correct in accordance with ‘King’s’ English.

Self(s) punctuation is both typical and atypically used and combined because Self(s) punctuation hold no ‘defined’ times of what’s past, present, and future time lines: all coexist concurrently, recreating a new reality for life to see and be free and live then timelessly … Self(s) language retimes all life as ONE Self(s) being of pure intelligence and clarity.

… Messages that are timed to describe
What becomes Self(s) prescribed
Recommendations for life to see
Are heard in Self(s) rhythmic noted harmony …

Run-on sentences and/or disjointed phrases are defined times suspended and floating within the cradle of an ellipsis … The reason for this is that time is ubiquitously and concurrently actualized in one Self(s) balance point(s). When the last letter of a word is (s), the word means the infinite part of what is finite.

Self(s) language is eternally timed, thus through the symbol of what an ellipsis represents – is that all time, eternal time … is in the now. All life is incomplete even when it dies as on other realms and planes, life lives, and in opposition, birth the same.

A word in brackets following another word means it is describing and/or interchangeably applicable as a substitute meaning and/or coinciding with the same, should be read as the second iteration of the piece as a whole and sometimes two bracketed words would add another applicable meaning.

))))))) The echo means that the words following the echo would be read as a whisper and/or tail wind of what word and/or thought preceded the echo symbol.

Self(s) hybrid punctuation and/or other Self(s) symbols exemplify and correlate with musical timing. They behold and hold calibratory meaning, function, and retime life through subtle and energetic direction within their coded symbolism.

A Flicker
1/30/09-6/12/14 …
A Flicker was [born]* birthed
From ONE Self(s) for earth
To find Self(s) light
Within all worldly fights
Finite burdens, wars and plights
ONE Self(s) alchemizes wrongs to rights
And centers what’s separated equally
ONE Self(s) purpose that’s free to be –
Come joy and living bliss
Illuminated in ONE Self(s) kiss ))))))) essence and presence
Of where life and death
Meet in ONE Self(s) eternal breath
… All wars are primed to cease
Through Self(s) enlightenment – life finds inner peace
Within what in ‘pieces’ is ONE Self(s) that’s whole
Self(s) maternal, paternal, eternal role
Where ‘perfect’ Self(s) love and respect
Prime all life to resurrect
And all life to become
An undivided seamless sum
ONE boundary-free Self(s) creation
Eternally ONE echoing ovation
Heard in all stars that shine
Seamlessly all life’s divine
And will in tandem become
ONE Self(s) life living being without any reruns …

… A Flicker of Self(s) love’s understanding
Ignites a light within so commanding
All life that lives to be what glows
From ONE Self(s) illumination that shows
ONE Self(s) that gives life to
All life within Self(s) love that rescues
Life in light that’s lit within
All separate life that ends and begins
A light that’s lit to see
ONE Self(s) purpose that IS and lives equally
Division-free all life is equal
That’s archived within what’s in ONE self/Self(s) sequel … …

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    "At a Glance"

    • Omnipresent, eternal, vibratory calibrating language all life produces and is produced by

    • Composed of dialect, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation

    • Opens life to receive and give knowledge from ONE Self(s) intelligence life IS

    • Languaged to Self(s) teach one's self to Self(s) learn, and/or be primed to Self(s) heal thy self

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