Higher consciousness, instant enlightenment, and self realization are terms that are not reserved for those on a spiritual path. Many people experience moments of inner peace through meditation, a mantra, sacred prayer, yoga, or a sacred poem in effort to find balance or reduce life’s stresses. Others have discovered the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) and what Self(s) education offers that merge ‘all’ of the separate offers that nurture their self development.

Self(s) Education offers instant enlightenment as one Self(s) teaches, Self(s) learns, and Self(s) heals…

Self(s) Education (SE)

The foundation of Self(s) Education is comprised of:
Self(s) Language
Bible of Self(s)

…… Self(s) Education centers a life within all life that IS,
ONE Self(s) seeing being within all life that lives …

The purpose of Self(s) Education is to provide you with the foundation and prerequisites needed to optimize and profit from the highly calibrated knowledge of ONE Self(s).
The embodiment* of SE contains and gives you direct access to the center point of where all life’s knowledge and truth comes from and where all separate finite intellects becomes ONR un-separated, inseparable infinite intelligence.
*embodiment: part of Self(s) Language meaning ‘ONR Self(s) body of knowledge within all’.

All life that lives IS whole within oneself and ONE Self(s) purpose and presence. All defined physical manifestations are condensed energetic microcosms in tandem with being ONE macrocosm of undefined etheric energy – – that IS ONE Self(s) intelligence …

All physical manifestations that are individualized, visible, autonomous and expire, simultaneously are invisible and eternal. SE provides you with knowledge that transcends all time, space, and physical limitations, giving you access to be able to ascend to higher realms and planes of consciousness.

Through SE’s offerings, only possibilities exist and there is no knowledge that is inaccessible from a life attaining. Every life that lives is knowledge and all life produces and reproduces knowledge within ONE Self(s) lineage.

In essence, all life owns and is owned by what it produces and is produced by. SE gives you direct access to where the center point of ONE Self(s) clarity, comprehension and fluency preside, where ONE Self(s)/self becomes seamlessly ONE…

SE offers you beyond what your human mind can fathom and centers you in ONE unfathomable, open, boundary-free state of being…

Self(s) Education offers the part-time and dedicated student of SE instant enlightenment that is attained, sustained, and nourished as one grows in the nature of ONE Self(s). Many people find moments of inner peace through meditation, prayer, yoga, or through another spiritual path or discipline. But because Self(s) Education embraces everything life IS and produces – where yoga, meditation, and all life’s prayers come from, Self(s) Education synthesizes and embraces all life through ONE Self(s) seamless offering and encounter.

No matter what stage of development you are at in life will not affect or influence what you are predestined to achieve through Self(s) Education. SE is equally beneficial to the student, teacher, or seeker of enlightenment who desires to access and comprehend ONE limitless intelligence. Through the power and guidance of Self(s) knowledge, you will be primed to enter and be centered in the sanctity of where inner peace presides – within you.

The embodiment* of SE is comprised of:

Self(s) Language is a prerequisite to comprehend all Self(s) educational offerings. Self(s) Language is the time eternal language of all life complete that is languaged to become ONE seamless Self(s) teacher and student.

Self(s) Language contains:Self(s) grammar, Self(s) vocabulary, Self(s) punctuation, Self(s) etymology, quotes, Poemantra, Self(s) metaphors and much more …

…Poemantra was born from the essence of poem and mantra.
A hybrid seed, Self(s) conceived, received and delivered.
Poemantras rhythmically tell,
Through insights, foresights and in hindsight how to be well.
Poemantras are Self(s) calibrating prayers
Life produces what’s unmuted that’s Self(s) aired…

The Bible of Self(s) – The Bible of Self(s) are universal, energetically-encoded records, transcriptions, and archives that document and are constantly documenting all that lives and is a life. Any life produced and what all life produces and is producing is recorded. Every vibration, breath, thought or movement life takes or makes is infinitely and immediately recognized, thus reflected as and in one self/Self(s) reflection))))))** correction))))))resurrection))))))

*embodiment: part of Self(s) Language meaning ‘ONE Self(s) body of knowledge and intelligence within all’.

**)))))):Self(s) punctuation: the echoes ( )))))) ) of what resonates and reflects until it’s done.

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    "At a Glance"

    • Gives you direct access to the center point of where all life's knowledge and truth comes from

    • SE is comprised of Self(s) language, Poemantra, and the Bible of Self(s)

    • Self(s) language: time eternal language that is languaged to Self(s) teach one's self to Self(s) learn, and/or be primed to Self(s) heal thy self

    • Poemantra: Offers instant enlightenment through insights, foresights, and in hindsight that tells how life can be happy and well

    • Gently opens life to conceive, sacred prayers ONE Self(s) airs that life receives

    • Bible of Self(s): universal, energetically encoded records, transcriptions, and archives that are constantly documenting all that lives and is a life.

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