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The healing gardens at the Sanctuary are truly magical and visitors immediately feel the serenity and bliss that abound. The gardens have lovingly been named ‘Self(s) healing gardens’ because many people have reported spontaneous remissions and healings from stressful thoughts and other obstacles that stand in the way of inner peace just by visiting this enchanting place. The healing energy the gardens store and bestow to all, set a picture-perfect landscape for couples to share or renew wedding vows or other sacred vows, small celebrations, ceremonies, other momentous occasions, or small weddings*.

The Sanctuary grounds are impregnated with seeds of love and healing that people feel upon visiting. The gardens include many intimate niches & sitting areas with multiple carved stone benches and old European iron seating: a fountain piazza with the statue of Hebe, the Greek goddess of eternal youth; a stone garden sanctuary/temple; and another open piazza with towering protective walls covered with silver lace vines, wisteria and seasonal blooms frame the gardens.

The garden’s healing energy is a metaphor and reflection of the thousands of healings that have taken place in the presence of its resident luminary and healer, Rhonda Lenair. The essence of her healing energy is deeply instilled within the roots of this property. Visitors, whether they’ve arrived for their Self(s) Healing Experience or other guests that visit the gardens, feel the healing energy and love of the Sanctuary.

The gardens of the Sanctuary are ideal for couples that do not wish to sacrifice a beautiful or exclusive place to exchange wedding vows. The Sanctuary is a perfect alternative to a public setting to exchange wedding vows; it offers privacy, beauty and exclusivity. The Sanctuary’s enchanting gardens are an ideal destination for your most significant moments.

With relatively short notice - sometimes within hours - the Sanctuary can be available for your own private sacred ceremony. On short notice, a Justice of the Peace, reverend, priest, rabbi or celebrant can meet you in the gardens – where all faiths are embraced equally.

In short, the Sanctuary is a rare, unique and magical place that offers enchanting healing gardens, privacy, exclusivity and affordability. Have the gardens of the Sanctuary to yourself for your most important and sacred union, moments, celebrations or gatherings amidst the sanctity of peace, beauty and botanical splendor.

Rental Fee - Private use of the gardens and Stone Garden Sanctuary (outside) - $350 for the first hour; $250 per hour thereafter with a 2-hour minimum.

Private use of the gardens and Stone Garden Sanctuary (outside) combined with the 3-season garden solarium (inside) - $385 for the first hour; $325 per hour thereafter with a 2-hour minimum.

*Weddings: With advance notice and permission by the Town of Newbury, the Sanctuary will allow small weddings through your event or wedding planner.