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elcome to the Sanctuary, the home of The Lenair Self(s)* Healing Center, Self(s) Healing Celebrations, Private B&B and Retreat, and the Lenair Healing Foundation. Since 1987, over 30,000 people from around the world have Self(s) healed in the presence of Rhonda Lenair – prophet, luminary, and renowned healer - who is legendary for producing miracles. The Sanctuary is home to these special companies and venues that offer peace and bliss to all.

The Sanctuary's Self(s) Healing Center has been visited by tens of thousands of people from around the world for decades that have been subject to a 'predictable miracle' that occurs in the presence of Rhonda Lenair. The Sanctuary's sacred garden's temple and inner meeting rooms provide a safe and loving haven from the busy world, and yet so conveniently located. And our private B&B Retreat is a unique alternative to staying in a traditional B&B or hotel.

The Sanctuary's gathering rooms are available to rent for a half or full day, or weekend classes or workshops. Whether you're a healer, teacher, traveling business executive, celebrant, justice of the peace, or someone looking forward to getting married, the Sanctuary has something special to offer you, your clients or colleagues. Think of the Sanctuary for your wedding vows, weddings**, meetings, celebrations, classes, workshops, or special other occasions, day or night.

The outside stone garden temple with an 18' ceiling structure provides a sacred healing space or used for special vows. The temple is surrounded by healing gardens, which are imbued and impregnated with the healing energy that Rhonda so lovingly imparted to the thousands and thousands of clients that found their way to her from around the world -- a very special place to exchange wedding vows and other ceremonies in splendor; some visitors have reported personal healings just by being in the sacred gardens.

The 3-season garden solarium can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people for off-site client meetings, classes, workshops, gatherings, or group healings, and it's a great alternative place for corporate or clinical meetings.

The indoor/outdoor spaces at the Sanctuary provide a lovely, peaceful setting for all, and so conveniently located (just 1.3 miles off Route 95 in Newbury) with privacy and serenity. Parking is provided, on street when needed.

*Self(s): infinite, non-physical ...
**weddings: With advance notice and permission by the Town of Newbury, the Sanctuary will allow small weddings through your event or wedding planner.


The Sanctuary’s heavenly gardens offer a perfect place for new or to renew wedding vows and are not the only hallmark of Self(s) Healing Celebrations. The Sanctuary also offers its 3-season garden solarium -- the inner portal into the gardens overlooking its serene and calming views. This all glass room is ideal for small celebrations, meetings, lectures, classes and workshops that require privacy, peace and accessibility. The garden solarium offers an ideal and unique alternative to a corporate, institutional or clinical conference room setting and nurtures favorable outcomes.

The Sanctuary also offers overnight visitors and clients its private self-catering B&B retreat. This private B&B retreat is ideal for the business traveler, workshop or class presenter, tourist, or someone seeking peace and calm.


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