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Welcome to our News & Events page. We hope you will visit this page frequently where you will find all the news and Self(s) healing events the Lenair Self(s) Healing Center is offering … you’ll find special offers and gift coupons, news of our travels, our latest articles, media placements, and dates of Group Self(s) Healing Experiences (in-person or via phone). So visit and be Self(s) connected and ‘Like Us’ on Facebook, where you will receive valuable Self(s) guidance and knowledge you can immediately use and profit by here

 Tele-gathering: … Discover Your Self(s)*…

In a Sacred Encounter Via Phone

~ This event is now complete & replay available for registrants.

Rhonda Lenair invites you to a very special no-cost tele-gathering and experience in the comfort of your own home via phone.

“I honor your presence as you are a true gift… Just by being there, your presence and essence will influence and reshape the whole experience.”

Through this sacred encounter, you will be centered and enter pure truth, you ARE… perspective and judgement free truth… You will meet a place within you that’s whole and holy, that surpasses all that’s physical but relates right back to what is.

You will Learn and Witness:


* What SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair as ONE become) offer (privately, in person, and via phone)

* What the predictable miracle SHE is legendary for manifesting that is only a by-product of what SHE offers.

* What SHE promises – instant enlightenment

* The objective of what SHE offers – inner peact…

* What ONE SELF(S) intelligence IS you ARE…

* What pure love is and more…

Through these sacred encounters, miracles are always predestined to occur…

Please join us, space is limited. Please REGISTER HERE and you will receive calling instructions via email prior to the tele-gathering.

* Definition of Self(s): ONE infinite, non-physical energy that lives within all life; ONE infinite, eternal macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter that represent and become one physical unit from ONE non-physical whole infrastructure of interconnected communicatory intelligence…



Seasonal Gift Offers – Call to receive yours! Every season we offer you a variety of special gift offers and/or discounts that you can use toward the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) via phone or in-person, our sacred oils infused in gems, and more.

Here are some downloads from tele-events and telexperiences you may want to experience


If you missed our Annual Lenair Healing Foundation Tele-Event in December, you can still profit by it as a download from the Foundation’s web store here. What is the Self(s) Healing Experience Past the ‘Predictable Miracle’ of One Outgrowing Their Addictions? If you weren’t able to join Rhonda, be enlightened, and learn all about what tens of thousands worldwide have been transformed by at our Tele-Event, you can still download and listen to it here (no charge). Did you miss the ‘How to Embrace Pure Love Within’ Tele-Event in April? Our moving Tele-Event was recorded and you can now access the recording from our store. During this sacred time, you’ll experience pure love vibrationally through Rhonda’s voice and be calibrated within the comprehension of what pure love is. Go to our store to purchase it now.

Experience all SHE offers in only one day!

Experience our most time-concentrated and time-accelerated experience in one-day. This experience is ideal for you if you wish the day to be solely dedicated to you, if you have time-constraints, or if you do not wish to stay overnight. Call to schedule and learn more here.

Receive what she offers for free as a gift of our appreciation

Here’s a wonderful ‘appreciation’ gift and ‘thank you’ for your referrals. Receive a complementary 10-minute experience via phone for referring someone for what SHE offers in-person. After your referral has completed their in-person experience, call to schedule your 10-minute phone session. Do you work for a large company, organization or association? We now are offering a very special discount program as part of our ‘Ultimate Wellness Experience’. Call 1.802.558.9200 and learn how you can be instrumental in bringing this miraculous offering into your company!


SHE travels to you, live in-person or via phone through a Telexperience – to your country, city, or town. Become a SHE Sponsor and receive what SHE offers for FREE. Learn about this unique opportunity here. Please call 1.802.558.9200 to become one.

Enjoy Special Gift & Sale Offers at our store

  lotus for one Self(s) Scent Special Blend amethyst for One Self(s) Scent webpage

Come to our store and take advantage of the very special offers we have for our sacred, blessed oil blends and beautiful natural soaps. Great gifts for special gifts and occasions. Visit us HERE.

Are you a nonprofit, do you support one or would like to?

Learn more about what we donate to other causes here.

One self(s) cause for one Self(s) peace – lhf’s global initiative that is primed to save this world at large

We welcome you to become one part of what accomplishes this mission for all … Learn more here.


… ‘PAST THE ‘PREDICTABLE MIRACLE’ from Wisdom Magazine HERE. .

our new client referral gift rewards program

Welcome to our new ‘Client Referral Gift Rewards Program’. Refer a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone you care about that schedules a Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) and you’ll receive gift credits you can accumulate for your own benefit. For anyone you refer for an in-person, phone or group SHE, you’ll receive and accumulate credits toward our services that you can use for yourself or gift to someone in need of attaining the sanctity of inner peace. Read more about this new program here

If you have an email list or just one person you’d like to share our information with, just email them a note and tell them you wish to enlighten them about a miraculous experience you’ve heard about (or personally witnessed). Then send them here

listen to us on radio

Here is recent radio interview (Health Chat with Cat) from a chiropractic office in Houston. If you bypass the first 10-minutes of the show, you’ll be able to listen to Rhonda speak about the Self(s) Healing Experience here. PLANETARY-SPIRIT Posted here is an interview conducted by Jeff Ferrannini of his radio show on Planetary Spirit. Jeff was kind enough to allow us to post this interview for our clients to enjoy and profit by. You can listen to this hour-long interview here. Listen to other interviews at Planetary Spirit. Please join us for our new Blog Talk Radio Show. YOU ARE BEING PRIMED FOR A MIRACLE! Just by listening to this broadcast (even though a recorded version) and being in the presence of Rhonda Lenair, you are being primed to receive a miracle – one like clients from around the world have been receiving for decades. No need to RSVP. Just log on to the Blog Talk Radio show and listen in. You can also call in and listen. We dedicate the last segment of all Blog Talk Radio shows to answering your questions. Please email your questions prior to each broadcast.   Don’t have internet access during the show? Just dial: 1.347.945.5926. If you’d like to listen to some prior shows, including a previously recorded Telexperience, just select the show on the Blog Talk Radio player.

Listen to internet radio with Selfs Healing on BlogTalkRadio

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