Water’s metaphor spoken through Rhonda Lenair

… This Self(s) born message was conceived
For you to absorb like water does receive
Any image it detects
In its body it reflects
History and judgment-free
Water accepts ALL life equally
No matter where life comes from
In water all life becomes ONE
Seamless image water frees
Any image water sees
It reflects and respects
No image before it neglects
To be seen in water’s gleam
Water welcomes all that lives
Without changing what an image is

There is no image water shuns
Or life it forsakes to become
ONE with it displays and shines
Perfect truth that IS divine
Appears in water’s clarity
Immediately life meets its parity
As it is water gives
Equally to all that lives
Back to the image what it is –
Truth that lies in life is freed
In water’s source what’s embodied [and body]


Through water’s metaphor you can see
A part of what’s offered through SHE
The Self(s) Healing Experience and me,
Physically – Rhonda Lenair – lives to not see you
But become ONE with you
To attain the sanctity of inner peace
Through Self(s) enlightenment that’s released …


… The “Mother Poemantra” should be read
When arising and before going to bed
Its promise is you’ll be open to see
Through this Poemantra, life differently …
And through its clear vision and sight
You’ll be illuminated in ONE Self(s) light
And purpose all life is connected to all life that lives
You’ll be centered to see
Your self/Self(s) image … imagelessly …
* * * *

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SHE: Rhonda Lenair and the experience as ONE become

…    the ellipsis: it’s grammatical symbolism denotes and is represented by the words cradles in the center point of the ellipsis where all truth is derived – is within ONE Self(s) center point that physiology need not seek to find greater than within themselves.

Everything comes from ONE Self(s) center that has no beginning or no end and where time is omnipresent, ubiquitous, and eternal.

The ellipsis also represents the ‘roads’ that lead to what becomes physical to inner peace within the context of truth … thus the words within the ellipsis are – truth.

))))))))   the echo: an echo should be repeated in a whisper
a) off-spring from the pre-echoed ( ))))))) ) word
b) a metaphor that observes one’s destiny is happening in the now by one changing as by when one changes the present moment, it ‘re-maps’ their destiny that is received at the present moment – because time is ubiquitous and happens concurrently (i.e. different time zones exhibit different realities from those subject to and contingent upon their location)
c) the calibration awakens and is received by another life that conceives another seed from what was derived and came from what was delivered becomes ONE Self(s) lineage

[   ]  brackets: words or phrases are concurrently applicable

hybrid words: words that are non-existent are hybrid words that combine, what exists to become ‘divine’ (e.g. Poemantra – where poem meets mantra seamlessly that tells all life how to be free …)


This is a moving, vibratory rhythmic Poemantra – reads like a poem, calibrates like a mantra – seamlessly … Water becomes and is what SHE (Rhonda Lenair and the experience as ONE) … and you meet ONE Self(s) reflected voice through the metaphor of water’s reflection.

The ‘Mother Poemantra’

… Like water SHE reflects )))))))detects
Any image SHE detects )))))))reflects
All images SHE accepts
No image SHE neglects)))))))rejects
To be as SHE effects [affects]
What is in retrospect
Reborn and resurrects
Its self [Self(s)] image [imageless] in circumspect
Enpicturement ONE Self(s) [self] seeing
Eye [Eyes] invisibly [visibly] ONE Self(s) [self] being
In formed [informed] matter ONE Self(s) freeing
Self(s)/self knowledge that coexists
Between and in all life subsists
In bodies [embodied] microcosms [macrocosm]
In psycho dense formed noggins [Self(s) sacrificial G-o-ds or Oms Receives finite [infinite] logins
That all life IS receiving
Knowledge [Self(s) guidance] life is conceiving
From its Self(s) [itself] that gives
Back to life what life is
In divisions of time and forms [time informs]
[Life] Waiting to die to be [and is] reborn …
*  *  *  *

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SHE (Rhonda Lenair and the experience as ONE become) unmutes and reflects ONE living truth that’s spoken like a universal camcorder that represents all life AS ONE living truth. ONE Self(s) seamless, unnamed, unframed, voiced reflection. At all times, our moving, changing, rearranging, recalibrating Universal voice is received through and back to the life or lives SHE reflects .

Self(s) – ONE infinite eternal, macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter, each representing ONE whole and one whole part of ONE communicatory ‘being’ that IS pure intelligence. SHE synthesizes and voices all that lives and IS – universally moving and moved by, changing and is changed by the life it is – reflecting, correcting and resurrecting
through birth and death in ONE Self(s) breath …
ONE Self(s) speaks through you and back to you through Rhonda’s human voice.

– When SHE is with one, SHE reflects one and when SHE is with many, SHE reflects all as ONE.


… Self(s) messages calibrate
What life produces and recreates
What life conceives and procreates,
What life was, is, and will initiate,
Change rearranges what will be,
Synthesized as ONE Self(s) destiny
As ONE Self(s) is aware
Of how and when woes can repair
Through receiving ONE/ones Self(s) spoken
Voice – when received life opens …

* * * *


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