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Smoking Cessation

"Dear Ms. Lenair: ...I was able to attend "Stop Smoking Clinic" at the VA Hospital but to no avail as I was again smoking regularly. My next attempt was with the assistance of a noted hypnotist...benefits lasted only a few days. I am now in the 4th week of smoking cessation and feel that I am cured of the addiction, thanks to you and your program."
Rev. CFC, PD, Assoc. Minister, Brookline, MA

“Dear Ms. Lenair:
Thank you very much for all your help. I have followed your instructions and my complexion looks much better. Also, I still have not had a cigarette since my very first visit to your office. My brother and I got tested for Hepatitis B and thankfully the results were negative for us! My doctor did however find a lump on my breast which ended up being a cyst. This was really scary because I had not had a check-up in three years and only went this time because of your suggestion.

Thanks a million! Thanks a lot for taking care of my sister. I’ll see you again in August.
Take care and God’s speed.
Suzanne Holmes

Dear Rhonda and Barry:
Hope this letter finds you well, and wishing the weather in Newbury has the sun shining in all its splendor. Thanks seems such a small word for the gift you actually give each of us that visits you in Massachusetts. My heart, my mind and my soul are eternally grateful for a second chance of living a healthy life, which would not have been totally possible without you.

As a student of Energy Medicine and Shamanism, I am still grasping for the understanding of what Rhonda did to eliminate my smoking addiction. Although I do remember being a smoker, I don’t remember my addiction. It is though I had never been one, and there is no link between thought and action. It has now been a month since I first saw you, and I feel better every day. There is neither anxiety nor fear … just calmness.

Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing such an incredible gift with us. You are the most beautiful and transparent soul I have ever witnessed in healing, and only hope there are more people like you in my spiritual path. The genuineness of your soul shines forth through your eyes, and your delivery of messages is so tender. Barry, thank you for being such a wonderful facilitator of this marvelous experience. You certainly set the stage beautifully.

May your life be adorned with the beauty you share with the world! It has been a pleasure meeting both of you.
Best regards,
Beatriz M. Orive, Weston, FL

I first met Rhonda in 1991. I was a heavy smoker and had other health complications, which the heavy smoking only aggravated. One of my professors and a very dear friend as well, Dr. Norma Jean Anderson, heard me speak of my frustration with smoking and the other health issues. "Veronica," she called and said: "I know someone who will help you quit smoking and improve your health. Her name is Rhonda Lenair."

Now, Dr. Norma Jean Anderson has always been very a trustworthy source. I called Rhonda right away and got an appointment, for my disappointment, for 6 weeks later! On the day of the appointment I drove from New York City to Peabody, MA, and on the way I managed to smoke one whole pack of cigarettes. I smelled so bad upon arrival, that I was glad to find a hair salon next door to her office. I went in just to wash my hair and told the people what I had come for and they said: "Well, if you only go into the beauty shop to wash cigarette's smell away from your hair, I know this is the last time we'll ever see you."

Truth is that on that day, not only I quit smoking, but also did it free of anxiety, of craving or any withdraw effect. Months later I was at the store buying newspapers and the clerk asked: "Which brand do you want?" Puzzled I asked what he meant: "You are looking at the cigarettes as if you wanted some." It still amazes me how an addiction could take such control of one's identity.

Nevertheless, what mostly impressed me about Rhonda's work wasn't that!!! Mostly impressing was that she reached a place inside of me where I had never ventured to tread. She interpreted my visions and my dreams; such joys I had never had courage to visit. All in me and I knew what she was saying because she spoke of images which I had glanced at all my life, but feared holding in sight; and that changed the course of my life.

I have seen Rhonda a few times in the past 15 years. The most recent was, after a hiatus of 10 years, this past February, when in a severe crisis of physical and emotional depression I called and had a phone consultation. She instructed me to have a bone density test; to see an endocrinologist; to see a dentist for a look at the right lower molar; and prescribed a list of supplements, tinctures, essential oils for acne, and suggested a different diet.

Although I called immediately I was only able to get an appointment with an endocrinologist for May 3rd. And last week when I saw the doctor I told him all what Rhonda had said and what she had recommended me to take and eat. He was sadly surprised to know that with a history of rheumatoid arthritis neither the specialist nor the PCP had ever referred me to have bone density and hormonal testing. However, he was very happily surprised with how on target she was in all accounts. The bone density test revealed some distressing news that we now are able to address and God willing prevent the worse. Her concern about a hormone imbalance was totally substantiated by other test results. Dr. Schipkin kept saying: "Well here is a gold star for Rhonda. And here is another gold star for Rhonda," throughout our consultation.

At the dentist, the panoramic x-ray revealed something under my right lower molar, which turned out to be benign, nevertheless it was there and the dentist, also, was impressed that she had recommended attention to that specific tooth. My skin has never felt as good as it does now that I am applying the treatment recommended by Rhonda.

I only have a few minutes to speak of the multitude of blessings she brings into my life and I know I am past those minutes already, but I just want to add that after I saw her for the very first time, as I drove home, I thought: "Well, for as long as Rhonda lives I don't have to fear." And that is still true.

Thank you Rhonda and Barry for your work! You are a stream of good news flowing into the rivers of many a life. I wish you longevity and great fortune.
Hannah Veronica Esaki, Bellevue, WA

“I’m going to explain the happiest day of my life, which was April 16, the day I stopped smoking. I was a 40-year smoker and two packs a day. I no longer have a coughing problem which could be embarrassing at times. Also I never had any withdrawal symptoms. It was the easiest and most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I have to thank the Lenair Technique for all of this.
Jacquelyn Ferguson


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