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Hi Barry: Just wanted to let you know I am feeling great. I have so much energy now and clarity of mind and enthusiasm for life. I never realized how much the alcohol was making me tired and numbing my emotions. Occasionally I want some wine but the desire passes away in moments, and then I forget about it. I can wine and dine with friends and I don't even think about having a sip. I feel so free now, and fearless in so many ways. Tell Rhonda I am not lonely anymore (it was the topic of our last session). I thought I drank because I was lonely, but after being with Rhonda, I realized I was lonely because I was drinking. It kept me away from people. I still work alone, but now there are people everywhere in my life. People even smile at me now, when they didn't before. Everything is better. Thanks again!
Alan Kettler, PA

Barry and Rhonda:
I was going to say, I feel like a million bucks, but now that I think about it, I feel like a billion bucks!
I feel like I am living in a different universe now - the world hasn't changed since I saw you, but I have.
Wow - what a miracle!
I have NO interest or desire for alcohol - it seems foolish and absurd now, that people drink so much - I went to a couple of parties where people were drinking and getting stupid and I had a great time, with no temptation - amazing.
I have so much energy and clarity now, which I really need to get through all the challenges I face in just living.
Later - more to come as life unfolds anew...
Alan Kettler, PA

"Dear Ms. Lenair,
It is with extreme gratitude that I write you this letter. Twenty-eight years ago I started smoking, and for the exception of the four times when I was pregnant, I smoked at least one to two packets a day of cigarettes for all those years. For the first few years of my smoking habit, I always thought that I could quit when I wanted to. But the last long years of my habit I knew that I couldn't stop. Because of my pride, I told my friends that I could quit if I wanted to. I tried every way I knew how to stop on my own free will, but each time I tried to would lead to more failure. Therefore, I was ashamed, but knew only too well that my health was deteriorating; that I would probably go to my grave years early, yet still smoking.

Then a miracle happened to me. I came along with a friend that had the same problem to The Lenair Technique. Since the day I had my first treatment, I have not smoked again, neither has my dear friend who had smoked ten years longer than I had. There are no words sufficient to describe my eternal debt to you. Since the abrupt end of my smoking habit my whole life has changed. I no longer have all the side effects that go with smoking, but beyond all the pluses I feel that there has been a change in my total outlook on life and also the way I see myself. All of these positive benefits came about because of my going to your Center and receiving your unique procedure to stop smoking.

Please let me thank you again for the new lease that you have given me in life. My sincere wish is that many, many more will be helped as I have been.
Gratefully yours,"
Barbara Gillespie, Marblehead, MA

"Dear Rhonda, One year ago today I went to your office a cigarette smoker and left a non-smoker. During the year I have not had even the slightest desire for a cigarette, and I haven't climbed the walls. I feel like I've always been a non-smoker, but I know this is not true. I smoked my first cigarette at age 7, and smoked for 56 years. Since 1977 I've seriously tried everything I could find to stop smoking with little or no success. I've enrolled in every stop-smoking program I'd ever heard of; some 2 or 3 times. Over and over I've quit cold turkey plus acupuncture and hypnotism many times. I felt hopeless, and I knew cigarettes were killing me, but I couldn't stop --- until I met you. You have opened a whole new life for me. I feel wonderful; better than I've felt for years. Losing 35 pounds by not eating sugar helped too. Thank you Rhonda, Sincerely,"
Bill Hamilton

“Dear Rhonda: Thank you for the profound benefit of your healing touch. With your support, I have been able to free myself from the addictive grip of tobacco, and to re-engage my will.

Since February of this year, the nicotine devil had infested my mind and body with an unexpected vengeance. Unexpected, I say, because I quit cigarettes 14 years ago and never looked back – until last winter when I journeyed to the ancient sacred sights of Maya culture on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

By the time I was ready to return home, I had acquired a cigarette habit that steadily grew in intensity and unpleasantness. Though I am a person of strong will and firm discipline, I could not find the will to let go of tobacco. Just one treatment with you, though, and the overpowering grip of the tobacco was loosened.

God bless you and good luck with your work.
Steven H. M., New Ipswich, NH


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