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"I've recently returned from taking treatment for alcohol abuse at the Lenair Technique Clinic in Newbury, Massachusetts. My co-workers, friends, and family have noticed such a change in me that I've been swamped by people wanting to know what on earth took place there. My problem is that I am not quite sure myself other that the fact that what ever it was worked!

This past November I awoke on the morning of my 53rd birthday with a tremendous hangover. I am not proud to say that this was no new condition for me but something was different this particular morning. I took the time to reflect upon my life and shamefully recounted that I had been drinking, getting drunk, and waking up with hangovers for 40 years.

Forty years of hard drinking certainly took its toll. A broken marriage, alienated from friends, and family, work place and relationship problems, almost killing myself in a car wreck, and all the other self destructive behaviors that go hand in hand with the nightmare of alcoholism.

Several years ago I developed "Inflamed Bowel Disease" which was later confirmed to be "Crohn's Disease", a most humiliating and weakening condition that I could only wish upon the likes of Osama Bin Laden and crew. Although stress has been proven to provoke Crohn's, I have no doubt what so ever that I had been drinking myself to death.

Over the years, I had tried A.A. I know many people who have stopped drinking by attending their meetings. I have signed myself into a "30 day programme" in Buffalo N.Y. These programmes have helped many people but did not work for me.

I think the reason I was unsuccessful in these other formats may be because for seven years prior to getting on the fire department, I was a hospital orderly and worked with addicts in the hospital setting. Crossing the line from "keeper' to being one of the "kept" was just too difficult for me.

Deciding to try once again to quit drinking, I was not very optimistic. After all I had tried everything hadn't I ? For some reason I found myself on the internet looking for help when the web site for the "Lenair Technique" came up and I started reading. The more testimonials I read, the more I began to hope that maybe, just maybe there was still a chance for me.

I asked my wife Loretta to read some of the articles and see what she thought (she had been considering leaving me if I didn't seek help). Knowing only too well the failed attempts of the past, Loretta, without hesitation, told me to look into the "Lenair Technique".

My appointment booked, Loretta and I headed out for Massachusetts all the while me assuring my wife that if nothing else, we would make a nice vacation out of the trip. Even up to twenty minutes into my first session, I had serious doubts.

After that first twenty minutes however, something told me that this was no farce because after that time and ever since then all physical craving and desire for alcohol has been gone from me. I haven't yet been able to explain it but thank God, it's just gone!

After my first session, when Loretta and I went out to eat, I found that I was bothered just ever so slightly by the beer signs in the restaurant and the labels on the bottles at other tables. It wasn't an urge to drink at all, just a nuisance-uncomfortable feeling if you will. I mentioned this to Ms. Lenair at my next session and by the time we finished that day's treatment, the problem was gone.

Today, Loretta and I are happier and healthier than we've been for years. I was also given diet change recommendations and am practicing Yoga and Tai Chi.

I am not simply suggesting that people with a drinking problem look into The Lenair Technique, I am begging them to!

As a firefighter, I've cut your dead kids out of their wrecked cars finding an open bottle of booze or bag of pot inside the vehicle. I've extinguished the burning corpses of people who drank and drove and I've given futile first aid to people whose intestines had burst because they had become so weakened by alcohol.

If anyone reading this story feels the need by all means feel free to contact me but please don't just take my word for any of this, read the web site and call the clinic. I'm thankful to God I did."

R. Bell, Ontario, Canada

Hi, Rhonda and Barry,
I have never, in writing, expressed my gratitude for an experience that I will never forget and one that has changed my life. My experience with Rhonda has changed my view about drinking and how it can ruin my life (and has ruined my life in the past). More than that, I felt a spiritual connection that I have never before experienced being in Rhonda's presence. I truly felt connected with the universe on a deeper level. My visits with Rhonda have deepened my spiritual journey.

I definitely want to connect with Rhonda again. Right now, I am putting children through college and cannot continue an ongoing relationship because of finances. I often think of my visits. They come to mind a lot, especially if I am in some sort of conflict in my life. I am able to handle those better now, too.

Rhonda, you are truly a gifted soul. I am glad to have met you and hope to see you again in the near future! Love,

Karen, Massachusetts

"Dear Rhonda and Barry,
Thank you for visiting us in Canada: I know your trip meant so much to so many of us here. What I'd like to express is my truth. I believe I am alcoholic. I had attempted to curb and stop my drinking habit, many times by myself, by alternative healings, hypnosis, energy work of various kinds. I am a reflexologist and energy healer and want to be able to walk my talk. I could not bring myself to go to AA, not only because I was too ashamed to admit that I had a problem, but also because I have a fear of speaking in front of people, and crowds, or participating in any regular form of club/society that requires consistency. So the last possible choice of healing myself would be to join an AA. I had as I stated earlier, been working towards stopping drinking for 2 years, with no success when Rhonda and her addiction 'therapy' arrived almost at my doorstep. Like so many others must have thought, yeah right! as if this could be different. I went on-line and discovered how much this was going to cost, and said no way. Then I started to think how much does my 'habit' cost me. If this does work, I will be reimbursed within the year by not buying that daily bottle of wine, not to mention the dinner wine costs. So without telling my husband and only sharing with a few close friends (the shame is very great with this disease), I decided that if the mountain is coming to me then I have to use this opportunity and see where it will take me. Literally, Rhonda was going to be working out of a neighbours home.

I went to the first session very dubious, wary, and guarded but open to allowing the possibility of change. The session lasted over an hour, and I have not had a drink of alcohol since. (This was September 2006) The cravings disappeared. Our behavior socially involved drinking with friends, whenever we go together, which is often. That same night (it was a Saturday) we went out and I had water. I admit it was hard at first to watch the bottle being opened, and the smell was actually offensive, but it was more the body memory, and habit than the desire for the drink that was difficult.

The biggest thing I noticed was how difficult it was to say to others I am not drinking - are you ill - what's wrong with you - and how often the conversation or comments go to alcohol consumption in jest, or relief from stress, was amazing as I had never noticed this before.

The second session went well and quickly.

It was after this I gained the courage to inform my husband what I had done, including the cost; tearfully I admitted my shame and my great desire for change. His support was, as it always has been, tremendous.

The third session was enlightening, and a little sad as the loving compassion Rhonda emits will be gone after this, yet it is very freeing. I was very tearful with gratitude to the woman who had invited Rhonda to work from her place and for both Rhonda and her husband Barry for their guidance and support.

Perhaps this is all too much information yet I know there will be many others like minded who will not choose AA or other such ways. Rhonda has been instrumental in transforming me into a better human being. Each morning I awaken and say thank God I don't drink: I have been alcohol-free for 6 months.

Thank you again, Rhonda, for your incredible healing work!"

Julie Boerhof, Ontario, Canada

"Dear Rhonda and Barry,
This seems like an appropriate time of year to say thank you for your invaluable help. My first appointment with Rhonda to address an alcohol obstruction in my life was on June 6, 2006, a day many numerologists warned would bring horrible things. For me, the opposite was true. My addiction that had gradually worsened for over 25 years ended on that day. People who seek treatment from places like AA are labeled as "recovering" for the rest of their lives. I can say with 100% certainty that I am now a non-drinker. The term "recovering" simply does not apply.

Many positive things have happened to me in 2 ½ years since my trip to Vermont. I would like to share two of them to illustrate the magnitude of your impact on my life.

My relationship with my sister has been to say the least, strained for many years. We have had many harsh words, which in my case, were often made worse by alcohol. We are now speaking on a fairly regular basis. The phone calls are no longer limited to the obligatory family communications. This is something that I never expected to happen, even after my treatment.

The second item is work related. I've been working in-house for a chemical manufacturing client for about two years. While they have been reasonably happy with my performance, the improvements in both quality and quantity of output have prompted them to entrust me with one of the largest site reclamation and remediation projects in their 100+ year corporate history. It is unprecedented for them to use a contractor for a project of this magnitude.

"Thank you" doesn't even begin to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to meet my Self(s) through Rhonda and be healed. Know that I think of you often and always wish you well.
With best wishes,"

W. Stone, West Deptford, NJ

"I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Rhonda for freeing me from the craving of alcohol. It has been two months since I first visited you. You are a divine gift and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have been treated by you. The constant craving for alcohol is completely gone!! I do think about it from time to time, but the thought passes in a second. It is such a freeing process.

I never wanted to attend AA because I had known people who became dependent on attending AA and were still craving alcohol. In addition to the treatment, you accurately diagnosed the dental problems, cyst on my right groin and eye issues. I also lost 10 pounds in 2 months! I am eternally grateful!"

S.V.I., Providence, RI


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