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"The strength of the love frequency of Rhonda's words are understood and so valuable to me. Through her words, I am more in alignment with my true self, something I have strived for consistently for decades. I feel more true worth because of Rhonda's guidance.

Please tell her thank you! And that I finally am able to feel pure love just because. I am so grateful.”
Kelly Keough, MA, television personality, author, Sugar-Free Chef

Hi Barry and Rhonda! I just love seeing your name in my email inbox... it's the most wonderful reminder of the amazing gift that I received from Rhonda.

This past Monday, July 16th marked 6 months since I last consumed alcohol. And I have never felt better physically, emotionally or spiritually! Getting rid of that albatross has allowed me to pursue yoga (something I always wanted to do, but didn't have the energy for), focus more on my family and friends, make time to find a new (and cheaper!) apartment, and put me on the path toward finding a better line of work. And I know this is just the beginning!

I feel like I can do almost anything I set my mind to now. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! You gave me my life back!! I sing Rhonda's praises to anyone who will listen and I will continue to do so as long as I live.

Peace and Love to you both
Emily R., Chicago, IL

… the miracle that Rhonda has brought to my life. I am grateful everyday for it and I'm still amazed in wonderment about it. Somehow, someone from another dimension guided me to her.
Patty, RN, PA

Hello Rhonda and Barry!

The Suqs of Aleppo are marvelous and entertaining - I definitely enjoyed shopping here! Syrians are very friendly, and I am enjoying a fantastic visit. I probably would never have visited Syria if I hadn't met Rhonda nearly 15 years ago. It still astonishes me that I have been free of the scourge of alcoholism for nearly 15 years due to Rhonda's powerful healing work.

Love, Norm
Norm M., Belmont, MA

Three years ago I was in terrible shape. I was battling depression, drinking excessively, and had little hope that things would ever change. I had resigned myself to a life of emptiness and despair. One day, during an especially low period, I began searching for ways to hide my depression and self-sabotage from others with some sort of medication or behavioral process. I accidentally stumbled upon the Lenair website. I knew absolutely nothing about energy healing, and was somewhat skeptical, but was overwhelmed by the testimonials of people who had seen Rhonda and had regained their lives, purpose, and happiness within a matter of hours of seeing her. I decided that there was nothing for me to lose and everything for me to gain by trying this. I called Barry and scheduled an appointment that very day.

I will never forget my first session with Rhonda. I was immediately humbled and realized I was in the presence of an angel - she is in this world, but not of it. I have never felt a presence like that before and doubt I ever will again. Even in my awe, I managed to be honest and tell her that I was skeptical and that if I had to maintain some kind of highly positive mental state for this work, the process would not be effective for me. She responded by telling me that it didn't matter whether I believed it would work or not, which put me at ease. The session was amazing. She knew very intimate details about my life and spoke to me as if she were the mouthpiece of my body and soul, putting to word, everything that I longed for and needed for peace and happiness in my life.

I left this session, and the two subsequent sessions, so full of energy and vigor for life and all the possibilities that were waiting for me, it almost didn't register that I had completely given up my desire to drink....within just an hour with Rhonda on the first day. Since my sessions with Rhonda I have never desired another drink. I am in the presence of people who drink regularly and I have never even been tempted...not once! This is amazing in itself, but there are many other effects this work had on me. I have completely changed by diet and exercise patterns, began to explore my spiritual side, started volunteering for various non-profits, and reconnected with my family and friends. The sphere of influence of my new life has expanded well beyond the borders of my body.

There is no way to effectively thank Rhonda for sharing her gift with me. I am extremely grateful and forever indebted. She has completely changed the course of my life.

Thank you Rhonda, from the bottom of my heart.
Dan C., Austin, TX


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