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I was desperately seeking help for my sister. We are very close and her alcohol addiction was destroying her life and my own drinking was escalating. I read an article in Elle magazine in November 2001 regarding the Lenair experience. Her story sounded like an answer to my prayers. Her technique was something different but I knew this would work! I trusted my gut-feeling and made an appointment for both of us.

The cost seemed high, but not anything like going to treatment centers, doctors, counselors, etc. All of these plus missed work add up to much more than Ronda's fee. The peace of mind, the "no more cravings" or "no desire to drink" even when everyone else is drinking: Absolutely Priceless!

During the past four years, we have had two deaths in my family. Our mom died in December 2002 and six weeks later, my precious grandson, who was 5 months old, died of SIDS at my younger daughter's home. My sister and I never thought about drinking through out this three-year span. My oldest daughter that lost her baby went to Rhonda for grief and to get off sleeping pills. My younger daughter went for grief and to stop drinking.

Rhonda has healed my whole family from addictions and grief! I have never felt such incredible love, peace, and healing and total acceptance in her presence. Her medical intuitive information was startling and correct! She told me which month to go to a specialist for glaucoma and in which eye it would appear. I went and I do have glaucoma in my left eye. She was right about which tooth would need a root canal and in which month the pain would show up. Recently, over the telephone, she said a change had just occurred in my right eye and to go immediately to check it. I had just been to the eye doctor the prior month, so when I went and told him what Rhonda had said, he was shocked. Sure enough, after doing the tests, glaucoma appeared in my right eye. If I had not gone to him at that time, I would have lost my eyesight!

Rhonda is my angel of healing and she can work miracles for you! I thank God every day that my family found you.

Elaine Caskey, Georgetown, TX

I didn't know it at the time, but I feel it now, Rhonda touched my soul. That beautiful place we all come from, the whole. She heard my songs, felt my rhymes, and readjusted me whole. That longing, empty distant place I let myself control with alcohol and forgotten dreams. Rhonda released the darkness and I surrendered control. I am beginning to be whole.

It was slow at first, the changes and my thoughts, until one day, one fateful day, I realized Rhonda touched my soul. I feel myself vibrating at a frequency so unique. I can't explain it but I know I am becoming whole and no longer have to drink and drown my woes away. The Universe sings again and remembers my Soul. The world is a better place because of Rhonda and her work and love. I can't say enough so I continue to show the world the glory of evolving. Thank you from the very essence of my Soul. I love you, too.

Joann Masche-Daane, WI

"Rhonda, thank you so much, you are amazing. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful gift that can help so many -- not just the person you are with but all of the people in that person's life. Thank you again, I feel the most free that I have felt in a very long time. It's wonderful. With my thoughts and appreciation."

Kelly, PA

"Dear Rhonda and Barry, Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me. I am alcohol-free after a lifetime of struggle with the disease. I think of you as my miracle. I not only feel much better physically but am now a conscious person, emotionally and spiritually. I tell everyone who will listen what you have done for me. I want you to know that I am grateful to you and God for your wonderful energy."

Hannah C., St. Paul, MN

"The experience with Rhonda Lenair has changed my life dramatically and probably from the devastating and final results of alcoholism ... a premature death. I knew for a long time I had a severe problem with alcohol and was actively looking for a way to deal with it. AA was not the answer for me personally and I was considering a "28 Day Program" and yet the cost of these treatment centers was making it financially prohibitive - the funds required up front as well as the time ($) missed from work. My dear friend, Lois, had been surfing the Internet when she tripped on to The Lenair Technique web site and shared it with me. I devoured every article, paragraph and word that I could locate about Rhonda Lenair and her technique.

The first of three appointments was scheduled for November 31, 2001, the day before my son's wedding. Barry asked if I was sure that this date was indeed going to work for me. I assured him there was no time like the present because the addiction itself was never going to allow the right time. The grounds, the reception room and most of all Barry, gave me a great sense of warmth and tranquility.

Amazing!... Incredible!... Miraculous! It worked immediately and with the absence of the agonizing cravings. I do not know how and/or why The Lenair experience works but I am a walking tribute to this truth. I wish to sincerely thank Rhonda for her compassion, ability and desire to share with others this extraordinary gift which has been bestowed upon her by a greater power.

I am and remain sober,"

DRN, Vermont


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