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"Dear Rhonda and Barry;
I came to you full of hope and skepticism. I considered myself a hopeless alcoholic. I have been through four 30-day inpatient programs followed by AA and I failed each time. I had given up. For the year prior to seeing you, I drank every day. I was only sober long enough, to get healthy, so I could get to the liquor store.

I had my last drink on March 18th, 2000 and on the 19th I embarked on a cross-country trip, to see you. We had our first meeting on the 21st. I was not feeling very good and still a bit shaky. After our first session something was different. I was relaxed, at peace with myself, I cannot exactly describe it but I left your office believing in you, and your technique.

It's been nearly a month [now 10 years] since we had our sessions and I still have not had a drink nor do I desire to have a drink. I often think about the way I was and my old lifestyle. I cannot figure out why I desired alcohol. The desire to drink does not exist today. I still think about alcohol but the desire to drink is just not there. This thinking is inconsistent with reaction to the other treatment programs I have been through. When I graduated from the thirty-day programs, I participated in, I knew intellectually not to drink. However, the desire to drink was still there.

Rhonda, your healing power is truly miraculous. I feel a burden has been lifted from my shoulders and there is a healthy future for me. Thank you so much. I am following through with your recommendations and I will stay in touch."
Sincerely yours,

B. E. Cannon, Loveland, Ohio

“Dear Rhonda and Barry,
"I was so full of skepticism when I arrived for my appointment at The Lenair Technique. Rhonda and Barry made a deep impression on me - they are my Angels. I still find it so hard to comprehend my feelings as I left - serene- with a calm spirit - something I hadn't felt in what seemed like forever.

Here it is six months later and I am definitely not a skeptic any longer. What Rhonda did for me has totally surpassed my wildest expectations. I consumed alcohol on a nearly daily basis for so many years. I no longer had a life that didn't involve alcohol. Since my hands-on treatment with Rhonda I have had no craving and no interest in consuming alcohol - for any reason. Rhonda and Barry saved my life. My life was headed for certain destruction. I cannot thank them enough for giving me a happy and healthy life. I love you Rhonda and Barry."

Kathy N., Willmar, MN

Hello, Rhonda and Barry:
Yes, Yes, Yes! I would recommend my experience with The Lenair Healing Center to anyone. It changed my life when I was so scared that I thought there would be no way out for me, I could not control myself from drinking wine. I always felt myself to be a happy and full of life person, but the drinking was dragging me down into lots of depression. I have not even desired or touched wine or alcohol since coming to The Lenair Healing Center well over a year ago. You are the best! The real thing!

M. Kelly, Petersburg, NY

"Dear Rhonda and Barry: Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your help. It has been 8 months now since I came to you with a heavy drinking problem. There has been no urge to touch the stuff since then. I don't know what you did, it's just gone. You saved my life in more ways than one.

While I was there you warned me about 'congestion' around the heart. When I got home the doctors didn't see anything wrong. Three months later I had chest pains. I now have two stents in my heart. One of them was a 99% blockage.

I thank God for you. I thank him for giving you these very unique abilities and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for nurturing them and using them in such a positive way."

Special regards,

John Neal, Muskogee, OK

"Dear Rhonda and Barry,
A short note to express my gratitude for your help at The Lenair Technique.

I came to you several months ago with a drinking problem. Through The Lenair Technique I have discovered new strength and balance in my life. I thought this would be a very difficult task to overcome, yet surprisingly it was one of the easiest transitions for me to process and understand.

Since my visits with Rhonda I have been in many social situations that old friends and new have questioned "why" I do not drink. I find that people are so interested in the "idea" of not drinking.

Friends who are closest to me have all commented on how proud they are of my recent change to be alcohol free. I owe a large part of this to Rhonda who shared her special gift with me. Thank you".

Roy M., Manchester, MA


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