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"Ten years ago, a group of ten employees from the company I was working for signed up with Rhonda Lenair to undergo her program to quit smoking. To this day, it is my understanding that nine of us are still smoke free. The experience was really quite remarkable, whatever it was; I cannot really explain it, but it worked. There were no cravings or desires to pick up a cigarette at all.

Recently, I ended up in the hospital several times due to my problems with alcohol. Knowing how well the program for smoking worked and my desire to live on this planet at least a while longer, I looked online for Rhonda Lenair and was successful in finding her. I wasted no time getting in touch with Barry and scheduled an appointment ASAP. On March 13th I went in for my first of three sessions. WOW! I went from consuming close to a 30 pack of beer a day on my own, to feeling like a new me with no desire for any alcohol, no withdrawals, nothing but feeling clean and sober. Before this experience, I also did occasionally puff a little marijuana and that desire was also gone. I was really liking the feeling of having such a clear head (it had been quite a long time since I had felt this way). I felt as though I did not need the other two sessions, but really looked forward to seeing Rhonda again if just to have that wonderful feeling that I had when leaving a session.

Rhonda has a gift that if possible should be shared with everyone that suffers from an addiction or medical problem. It truly is almost unexplainable. My family and friends just cannot believe that after over 25 years of drowning myself with alcohol, that boom, it is over. What did she do? How is it possible? Are you sure this is you?

She gave me back my life. After 3 marriages and 3 divorces and losing some friends along the way, I no longer have room in my life for drinking. I am still involved in situations where there is a lot of drinking going on, but I do not drink anymore. I have time for all the other things that are going on around me.

Well, thank you ever so much, Barry and Rhonda, and may the Lord bless you both now and in the future, and may some more Dear Souls be blessed enough to be touched and blessed by you."
Kevin D., New Hampshire

"Hello Rhonda, I realize this must be one of thousands of e-mails that you must receive expressing gratitude, however, I must join the ranks. I am truly grateful to you for the work you are performing as it has truly provided me with "a peace that surpasses all understanding." I have been practicing advanced techniques of the Tm "TM Sidhis" and have achieved a sustainable state of functioning with my alcoholism, however, until my sessions with you earlier this week I never knew the connectedness and oneness that I have only understood on an intellectual level. I express my deepest gratitude for you sharing your healing work with the world.

I understand the changes that are occurring in our cosmos and am excited to be living at this time to be a part of it. I was unable to move forward, however, and it experience it at the deepest levels until I rid myself of the many slips with alcohol. I understand the purity that one must have in one's system to have the total experience.

Please know that I am available to you as you bring forth this knowledge to assist in any way. If I can help facilitate your work, that would bring me great joy. I also want to say (as you are probably already aware) that I have a great desire to learn more about how I can help others in the healing process.

Once again, my deepest gratitude...
Love and Light,"
Sid Holliday (Ed), Galveston, TX

Dear Ms. Lenair:
I wish to express my profound gratitude to you and the Foundation for providing treatment to me recently. My addiction to alcohol had brought me to a place where I was unable to afford any more treatment and my life looked fairly hopeless. Despite knowing that alcohol was killing me, I was unable to abstain for more than a few days. I tried many modes of recovery including AA, Rational Recovery, Smart Recovery, nutritional supplements and willpower and nothing put more than a momentary halt to my behavior. When I did abstain, I spent hours obsessing about drinking. Each morning would begin with resolutions NOT to drink, but that was just a way of thinking about drinking that would almost always lead, by afternoon, to my driving to the liquor store.

Your treatment has changed my life in many ways. The most remarkable change is that I no longer obsess about alcohol throughout the day. That is not to say that I never think about it - but certainly no more than I think about many other things. I think that this is almost more liberating than not drinking itself.

I don't rationally understand your method. I just know that for now it is working for me. I am very grateful to you for providing me this opportunity to resume my life. I feel blessed that I was given another chance. I will tell anyone in need about you, and if I am ever able I will make a donation to the Foundation so that someone else may have the same opportunity.

Thank you again.
Deborah H., No. Hatfield, MA

"I sought out Rhonda Lenair a few years ago to treat my alcoholism and my visits with her have had a profound influence on my life. As of this day, April 11, 2000, I have not had a drink or a craving for one, for 3 years and 8 months. I drank hard for 15 years and had ferocious, incessant cravings for alcohol. Rhonda lifted this terrible burden and I am now free of this ruinous addiction. Since seeing Rhonda, I am a transformed man. I am now able to engage in activities (such as long term traveling) that were not possible while I was still drinking. Rhonda, I am forever grateful to you."
Norm McIver, Belmont, MA

"Just wanted to say hello and thank you once again for ending my craving for alcohol. A week ago was my 5-year anniversary of not having consumed/desired a drink of alcohol. My sobriety and new lease on life is entirely due to you. Rhonda, you are an amazing person who spectacularly changed my life for the better. Mere words will never be able to express my gratefulness.

I hope you are healthy and enjoying your life. All the best to you and Barry."
Norm McIver, Belmont, MA


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