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Eating Disorders

"Perhaps life has no panaceas, but The Lenair Technique comes pretty close. I was treated for sugar and salt addictions over two months ago, and I have not touched either since -- and it hasn't involved the usual battle between desire and will.
The treatments themselves are extremely pleasant and balancing. I would highly recommend The Lenair Technique for anyone whose life is limited by addictions or phobias.
Dale Ann Lyle

"Dear Rhonda, This letter of gratitude comes to you after being caffeine free for three weeks now. For me, this is nothing short of a complete miracle. I have tried to stop my compulsive caffeine habit for 25 years, and with one brief 20 minute visit on your couch, I have not had the slightest craving, desire, or need for caffeine. I will spread the word. You are a gift.
Special, special thanks,"


Seven years ago, I walked into the Lenair Healing Center and came out a completely different person. I went in uncertain, scared and not quite sure this would work. I had tried everything to recover from 16 years of bulimia. From my first hands on session with Rhonda, I knew that I was changing inside. The monster of addiction was gone and I began to feel something I hadn't felt before: self-love.

Over the years that have followed, my life has changed for the better. I left a job that paid me well but stripped my spirit. I moved to an island in the Caribbean that supports taking life at my own pace. I started doing yoga, eating well and taking time for myself. I let go of worrying what others think and walked to the beat of my own drum.

I think before seeing Rhonda, I had abandoned my dreams in some sort of quest to be safe, to earn a good living and to fit in with everyone else's needs.

I have seen Rhonda since my initial visit for everything from perfectionism to creating true happiness. I have been unfolding. And I have grown into a confident woman from the inside out. I don't really know how to explain Rhonda's work, except to say that she speaks to you with your own voice. So while you may not understand every word with your mind, your heart is certain to respond. When you hear what she says, it may not be unfamiliar, but a confirmation of what you suspected might be needed - and were perhaps afraid or confused about how to proceed.

What makes all of it work like nothing else I've tried is that Rhonda can "see" what your mind, body and spirit need to be balanced. Food and lifestyle suggestions are tailored for you -- and in my opinion, goes well beyond books or medical tests. When Rhonda works with you, she sees what your body and life need to be in harmony. This is essential for healing to take place. She gives you a "clean slate" in your sessions, but also gives you guidance for how to walk in self-responsibility toward creating your ideal life.

If you are considering sessions with Rhonda Lenair, I am excited for you. You are starting a journey that turns life from mere survival into a beautiful, miraculous adventure.

Heather Fougnier, Business & Health Coach, New Hampshire

Can you give me a little background on yourself?
I'm in the medical field, divorced and raising two teenagers. I love to sew, read, jog and bike. I was married for 10 years to an alcoholic who was abusive emotionally and physically.

What was your family history in terms of alcohol?
My mom was an alcoholic; my dad was not. He was a good upstanding person who tried very hard with my mom - he tried to be a good provider, a good husband. He never criticized her. Toward the end he stayed married to her for us - finally, when it became so clear to him that their earlier life was gone and there was no salvaging it, he divorced her. It was a terrible disease - my Mom was a creative person, intelligent, beautiful. Her family background caused her to drink. She didn't have emotional stability.

How long had you been drinking before you met Rhonda?
I'd been drinking since 1988 - I had been enduring an incredible amount of abuse from my ex-husband. We were at college when I first met him - he drank then but everyone drank, so I didn't know it was a problem until about six months after marrying him. He was abusive emotionally and physically, but he got slower when he drank so I could get away from him. The longer that the drinking went on, the meaner and meaner he became. We had one child before we divorced. He couldn't cut the connection between the two of us after our divorce. He would still come over to the house when he was drunk and harass me. Then he'd send his new wife to my place of employment. Both had incredible mood swings. He kept pulling me back into court and I was spending thousands and thousands of dollars on court costs. I was trying to keep going with my life - I was raising two children, first as toddlers, then through elementary school and then as teenagers - and this man would not let go. When I wouldn't get paid back child support and alimony and would ask for that, he'd get even with me. The sheriff was coming twice a week to my door to serve me a subpoena. I was under terrible stress.

How addicted were you to alcohol?
It got so bad that I had a drink in the morning and continued all day. I had about 8 screwdrivers during the day and maybe 3 or more glasses of wine starting at dinner. I was almost completely dependent upon it to function. It was a way to reward, motivate and calm myself.

Had you tried other programs to stop drinking?
I tried AA three or four times and also saw a therapist.

Did those programs allow you to stop drinking?
I stopped one time with AA, but I still had psychological and physical cravings. It was like giving up smoking. Can I make it another hour? Can I make it another two hours? It becomes a tortuous game of how long you can last. I went to AA twice a week, then three times - but I could only stay off alcohol for a week. When I went to a therapist, I wasn't entirely honest so she didn't understand exactly what was going on. When you're like that your whole life is controlled by alcohol, you tend to be so secretive. You're embarrassed, feel guilt - you don't even want to tell your therapist. You are very fatalistic about it - you feel there's nothing you can do.

How did you learn about the Lenair Technique?
I was working on a computer and there was a TV in the background. I heard the Lenair Technique mentioned and I scribbled down the name and number - I wasn't sure I had it right. They were talking about it on some educational channel.

Were you at first skeptical about this type of treatment?
I thought it was too good to be true - and I'm sure that has to be everyone's reaction. Anyone that goes to her has tried a lot of different things and realizes how difficult it is to stop.

How strong was your desire to stop drinking?
It was very strong. I was desperate. I was worried about my physical well being, that I would die if I didn't get help. Because of what I had done to my body, I knew there were probably various organs that were going to fail if I didn't do something.

Once your appointment was scheduled, were you apprehensive about the process?
I was curious and had some trepidation.

Can you describe your experience at the first treatment? Did you stop drinking after that? What about withdrawal symptoms?
One of the things that strikes you as you drive up to the house is that it is such a beautiful plot of land. You walk down a little path that leads to a sunroom overlooking this lovely vista. It is very relaxing, very serene. It is almost like sitting in a garden. I looked through this album where people had written to Rhonda out of gratitude. You got a sense that people had gone through epiphanies. My session with her took about 45 minutes. She started by telling me what she was going to do. She lightly held my head in her hands and just talked in a stream of consciousness, telling me about significant times in my life and about physical and emotional problems. When I went to the session, my hands shook as I filled out the application. When I walked out of the session, the need to drink was gone. I went back to the hotel room and just sat there in awe. I can't explain it any other way. I didn't want - or need - a drink. My shakes were gone that night. I didn't have to have a drink to make things right. I felt like I did before I was drinking. All of a sudden I was o.k. This tremendous weight was lifted off my shoulders and it has been that way every since.

You received a medical intuitive consultation as part of your first treatment. What information did you get, and how helpful was it?
Rhonda evaluated my body. She determined what kinds of minerals or herbs I was missing. I started on the regime she recommended. It has eliminated the depression I have fought for 15 to 20 years - and I'm not taking St. John's Wort -- just everyday herbs and vitamins in the proper mix that is needed by my body and brain to be a happy and healthy person.

What was your experience at your second and third treatments?
At my second treatment she asked me how I felt. Did I think about alcohol? I said I thought about it about once an hour. She wanted to know what things would trigger it when I was not there at a treatment. I told her about one important trigger that she dealt with, and when I thought about it later it didn't have the same grip on me. It's almost as if I was re-thinking how it made me feel. I had the strong belief that I was empowered and could handle it. On the third treatment, we looked at other stresses, things Rhonda sensed or already knew about. She just truly knew physically and emotionally what had happened to me. It was so curious. I wondered, 'Now why did she say those things?' My subconscious was free to think about what happened when I was 13, 29 or another age she mentioned.

Did you feel that stopping drinking through this process was easy compared to anything else you tried?
Yes. It also is the only one that worked for me.

Did Rhonda provide you with useful information beyond stopping the cravings of alcohol? Did she help you with all aspects of your physical and emotional well-being?
She gave me information in all areas. I experienced a psychological, physiological, emotional and spiritual healing. She helps you open the gate to your subconscious mind and gain access to a higher self that is the best part of you. It is the most trustworthy, the part that cares most about you and other people.

How long has it been since your last treatment? Have you experienced any cravings for alcohol?
It has been about four months since my last treatment. I intellectualize drinking once in a while when I am in a stressful situation. The old me would have gone to the cupboard and poured myself a glass of wine, but I don't have to do that now. I can look at a situation and deal with it differently. I don't have to drown my problems. I can deal with them and go forward.
How has your life - and the lives of those around you - changed since you've been through this program.

Before I went, I was having all these difficulties, wondering why other people wouldn't change. Now I think about a quote from Nelson Mandala that basically says, ' before other people will change, you have to change first.' My feelings about myself are different now. I am more confident, not ashamed. I am the person I was before. I respond differently to people. People notice this change in me - they see I am so much happier and healthier. I have dropped 23 pounds, from size 12 to size 8. I have spring in my step and whole new outlook in life because of Rhonda.

Would you recommend the Lenair Technique to others who are struggling with alcohol addiction? What would you say to them?
Unbelievable as it sounds, the Lenair program is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. It heals you so completely, and is something you are forever grateful for. You are thankful to yourself to put any skepticism aside to try it. It really does work. It makes you want to be the very best you can be. Rhonda is an angel. She is incredibly kind and gifted, goodness personified. She genuinely cares about everyone that walks through the door. If you don't go through the program with her, your life will be a constant battle. You will never be truly happy.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a sports writer and write about horseracing. Horses are my background. I lived over in England growing up and over there you learn to ride a horse practically before you learn to ride a bicycle. I started doing that because it comes naturally.

What was your family history as it related to alcohol?
My father, if not considered an alcoholic, would have been considered someone who had a drinking problem. My parents divorced when I was young, and I went to a boarding school in Scotland when I was 12. I think my mother was trying to get me out of the trauma of the divorce.

My dad loved wine and also drank hard liquor. He taught pathology at Cambridge. He was a brilliant teacher. He would be very cheerful and the life of the party, then he’d do a switch — all of a sudden his face would change as though he were smelling rotting cheese, then he would turn very nasty and belligerent. You could very rarely see it coming, but it was very much like "Good Dad, Bad Dad." I was the middle of three boys and I was the only one who’s had a drinking problem.

How long had you been drinking before meeting Rhonda?
I started when I was about 15 or 16. English standards were very lax—you could walk into any pub and they would sell you alcohol, and my father would give me beer or wine when I’d go see him at lunch. Unlike over here in the States, alcoholism is not discussed at all in England.

Could you describe the nature of your drinking?
In the course of a day I would have four to six cans of beer and maybe a mixed drink. Some days I would have nothing. Even though there was more than 20 years of drinking, there was never a day when I was banging my head against the wall if I couldn’t get my hands on alcohol. There were times when I would go on binges. I never had blackouts, but I did very often have hangovers the next day. I was aware that eventually it was going to kill me.

Have you tried any other programs to stop drinking?
I had called AA, and I have nothing but praise for AA, but what turned me off was the 12-step program. Maybe it has something to do with growing up in Britain with all the regimented activity. I just couldn’t see myself doing that. They said you couldn’t spend time with people who were still drinking, and I just wasn’t comfortable with that. So I never really did the AA program. What was so amazing about this program is that they said don’t drink for 24 hours before you come and see Rhonda, then one visit with Rhonda and that’s it.

How did you learn about The Lenair Technique?
A friend of mine had been a three-pack-a-day smoker and Rhonda cured her of that. So she suggested, "Why don’t you try this—it’s a lot less stressful than AA, and it certainly was.

Were you skeptical about this type of treatment?
I was trying to keep an open mind. I was very nervous the day before—I was having heart palpitations.

Why did you want to stop?
Well, I didn’t really, really, really want to stop drinking, but I knew that if I didn’t stop drinking I was going to kill myself eventually. My liver was going to go or I’d walk under a bus or something. Plus, people were beginning to look at me like, "Well, he’s not a bad guy, but he’s a drunk." It’s one thing you can’t hide. Unless you drink just a very small amount, people are going to know that you’ve been drinking. It wasn’t the major reason, but it was getting to the point where it was hurting my credibility.

What was your biggest fear about stopping drinking?
I had no fear about stopping drinking. Afterward, I heard a doctor on the radio talking about people who were heavy drinkers who had alcohol withdrawal, and that it can be quite nasty. But I didn’t know that at the time.

Once you heard about The Lenair Technique, how long did it take you to make an appointment?
About two months.

Did you stop drinking after your first treatment?
Yes. After the first treatment, the desire to drink was gone, and it’s never come back. I can be around people who are drinking, I can cook with wine, or buy liquor for other people, and it’s not a problem. I have no desire to drink.

Did you have any physical cravings?
Not for alcohol. But I had an incredible craving for sugar. I was never a candy-ice cream- cookies type. But when the alcohol was gone, there was a tremendous " gimme gimme gimme—I’ve got to have sugar." After my first sugar binge, I’ve really cut way back on both sugar and caffeine, and now it’s no problem.

Did you have any withdrawal symptoms?
None at all.

Could you describe what happened in your first treatment?
I’ve never been quite sure, but Rhonda explains what she’s going to do before she does it. She cradles the back of your head in her hand while you’re lying down. From what I understand, she’s trying to reconnect the way your psyche was before you started the bad behavior. She’s sitting behind you, so you can’t really see what she’s doing. It’s just a gentle touch on your head.

During your first treatment you also received a medical intuitive consultation? What type of information was provided to you then? Was it helpful?

She told me that I was allergic to chicken, so I stopped eating chicken three years ago. And again, some of the stomach pains I’d been having went away. A year after I went to Rhonda, I went to visit a friend of my father’s in England for lunch. She made a chicken dish for the main course, and I ate a little of it because I was never sure if Rhonda’s diagnosis was correct. But when I got on the bicycle and was riding across Cambridge, it just hit me as though someone had punched me in the stomach.

How in-tune was Rhonda with all aspects of your physical and emotional being?
She could pick up things that she wouldn’t have been able to know even if she had access to your medical records. She mentioned old girlfriends I haven’t seen in years, and names of racecourses in England that the average person over here would never have heard of. Without even laying a finger on me, she could tell that I had surgery on my left knee and my right ankle.

What was your experience at the second and third treatments? Did Rhonda need to reinforce the treatment or did she move on to another aspect of your life/health?
I went back and she did the same sort of thing and said I was doing just fine. I call Rhonda and Barry each year on my anniversary to say I’m still doing fine. I took the herbs Rhonda prescribed for a while afterward, but after about three or four months it was too difficult to get to the health food store from where I was.

How long has it been since your last treatment? Have you had any cravings for alcohol?
It’s been over 3 years. If you asked me five years ago if I believed it could be this easy, I would have just laughed. In 24 hours to go from drinking a six-pack a night to not wanting to drink at all—it’s been incredible.

How has your life and the lives of those close to you changed since you’ve been through this program?
I feel healthier. I feel better. I think the only negative thing is that people complain that I’m a little more impatient. Because when I was in a drinking haze I tended let things go that people would say or do. Among my peers, my family, and friends, I have a lot more respect.

It’s literally and figuratively the most painless experience you can go through. There’s no guilt. You feel good before, during, and after.



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