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A communication to his patients and friends from Dr. Michael Posner:

"Rhonda Lenair is one of the most amazing individuals I've ever meet. Rhonda, also known as Self(s), is a world healer extraordinaire, whose approach embodies the very essence of your being in the most compassionate and loving way. Just hearing her spoken words can change your life for the better. Since 1987 thousand and thousands of people have traveled from around the world to see her and to have life obstacles removed and have been subject to Self(s) illuminatory healings.

Ms. Lenair has touched and helped my life in so many ways. Most of it has been over the phone, something I would not have believed possible before experiencing it for myself. Her medical intuitive abilities are so remarkable that even the most cynical will be impressed, and believe me, I was at first quite skeptical! Over the past 22 years, she has helped many thousands of people Self(s) heal from serious alcohol, smoking and food addictions as well as other emotional traumas. She also shares with you what your body system says it needs to restore your life to the highest degree of balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually: It's all about you.
In love and light,"

Dr. Michael Posner, Huntington, New York

My professional life consists of 50% Educational Work, as an Associate Adjunct Professor and 50% Clinical Work as a Psychotherapist in private practice with adults. I have been teaching and practicing for 18 years. I practice, and teach classes at a graduate level as well as workshops in the areas of all the compulsive disorders, alcohol, drugs. eating, gambling, sex).

I had never heard of Rhonda Lenair and her Healing Center until the Spring of 2005. A new patient began psychotherapy with me. Concerned about her almost daily drinking of wine and champagne to pass out and/or black out proportions. She had been doing this for 10 years, prior to that she had been dependent on both drugs and nicotine.

Soon into her treatment, she informed me that she had discovered the Lenair Healing Center on the Internet and was attracted to the short duration of treatment with results producing a loss of craving and desire.

Since in the field and treatment of addiction, nothing is proven, my belief is that everything is potentially useful. Thus, I was intrigued.

My client Paola attended the Lenair Healing Center in June 2005 for several sessions with Ms. Lenair in the hopes of losing the desire to drink alcohol.

I am delighted to report Paola has not bad a drink since then, which is now nine months. She reports no desire to drink and is often in social settings where a good deal of alcohol is consumed by others and these experiences have never stimulated a desire to drink.

I am now including the Lenair method in my graduate school classes and my workshops.

Margaret A. Fetting, Ph.D. LICSW, Los Angeles, California

It's been a month since my first visit for sugar problems and I'm happy to report I have easily avoided any sweets in that time. I've just finished reading "Vibrational Medicine" by Gerber and starting "Cross Currents". If at any time you offer training or seminars I would be interested in attending. Thank you! Sincerely,"
Dayton F. Haigney, M.D.

Dear Rhonda and Barry, It’s just over a month since I’d completed my last session with Ms. Lenair, and my life continues to change each day. Having suppressed contact with my higher Self for so many years, I find that I now perceive and act rather than react towards the daily events in my life in a much different manner. My entire perspective has shifted dramatically, and I feel a new Self emerging and evolving on a daily basis, as my thoughts change and my emotions get clearer. It's as if a dense fog is slowly being lifted from my being and world.

You’ve asked me for a testimonial, yet what I would have said yesterday isn't what I would say today, as I am clearly a work in progress. I have written several versions, none of which seem to accurately capture the extent of what I truly feel.

I ponder daily my sessions with you and the many subsequent changes that have since taken place, yet it is difficult for me to put into words the feelings that I now experience. As my emotional body is becoming more and more balanced, I feel like a sleeping giant is awakening and this is really quite joyful! It’s incredible how all aspects of my life are improving on every level! The bondage of my ego has eased up and things that once seemed real now appear false and amusing at best. There is, beyond doubt, a profound evolutionary transformation going on in my mind, body and spirit, which is aligning me with the vision of who I truly want to be.
The excruciating painful and crippling shoulder issue has been a real test! I had some thoughts about taking pain medications, which I consciously observed as the desire quickly diminished into nothingness. There’s no chance that this would have ever happened in the past! What a pleasure to be free! It is amazing how egos can seduce us into reverting back to old patterns; what a trickster the ego can be!

At this point in time, I want to say thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul. Not only have you helped me, but also all of my patients as well, for they also reap the benefits which radiate outwardly to all in my sphere of influence.

I want my testimonial to talk to all those who will be motivated to come to see you in the future, and for me it has to exude what's in my heart. As I continue to comprehend the essence of my ever growing progress, I will capture the words that express my gratitude for your part in the demise of my habitual mind patterns that have enslaved me in the past and for which I Am Now Free.

Thank you for your Love, Light and continued support. You are the best!
Love All Ways,

Dr. Michael Posner, Huntington, NY

Dr. Richard Traister, a primary care doctor in Newburyport, said he has sent about six patients to Lenair for treatment of alcohol and other substance abuse problems. "The patients I have observed have had a very positive outcome,'' he said. Traister said all the patients he sent had tried other approaches and failed.
Richard Traister, M.D., excerpted from Boston Herald article


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