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Dear Barry and Rhonda:

Awakening this morning to a sunny brisk day (by our standards) in Miami, my time with you at Lenair seems almost a mirage. . .

I cannot even begin to adequately thank you for the miracle of re-calibrating my self on all levels. It was the most powerful and transformative experience I've had in this lifetime; to feel simultaneously known in the deepest way and part of all facets of the world's consciousness. To have the stricture of being shackled to alcohol--with all the irrevocable damage it's caused in my life--miraculously lifted; that is the most profound miracle. A present of being IN the present from now on, instead of obsessing over a substance that has marred so much in my life.

Thank you, Rhonda, for exposing me to a vision of my self as vibrant and beautiful and individual and powerful and connected to the full richness of all in the world. The visual images you reflected will stay with me.

The two of you truly are creating miracles and reclaiming and transforming lives every day at Lenair. I am eager to share my experience with many others so that they can begin anew, free of addiction and full of promise.

With deepest gratitude and warmest wishes to you both,
Cece, Miami, FL

"Dear Rhonda and Barry,
So sorry for not dropping a note sooner to let you know how I'm doing. I successfully finished one year of sobriety in early May and can only say I am one so grateful for this new lease on life. It has made a world of difference and it is all thanks to Rhonda's very special gift!!

I also wanted to mention that I passed your literature on to my primary care physician. He is a younger doctor and very open to alternative medicine. He was very interested when I explained the treatment I underwent at Lenair. I have also mentioned you to various friends.

Best wishes in your continued work with those of us afflicted with various 'maladies'.
Take care, All my best,"

Chris, Northbridge, MA

"Dear Rhonda,
It's been many months since my treatment for alcohol, and it has taken me this long to put into words what your treatment has meant to me. The results have been a daily presence in my life, however, and I have recommended you to many people, one of whom is my daughter who will be seeing you in October.

Your treatment was the beginning of what continues to be profound changes in my life. The effect of your therapy was instantaneous and absolute. This reality is a continuing source of wonder to me, and this amazing result has solidified my hard-to-come-by faith in forces we cannot see, and perhaps never will be able to quantify.

The long term effects have resulted in my undertaking to work with a shaman, to strengthen and deepen my spiritual connections and develop a permanent spiritual practice. I am also now adding Qi Gong to my ongoing yoga practice.

My life has been transformed, and I really don't know how to thank you."
Best regards,

CBG, Holyoke, MA

"Rhonda's treatment for my alcohol problems was immediately and palpably evident by an internal sense of change - a mental and bodily difference. I no longer desired alcohol, nor have I since. Drinking just doesn't exist for me these days, in that it's no longer an issue, a worry, a problem, preoccupation, concern, drive or habit.

Though I'm still not sure I understand how Rhonda's technique works, it has clearly affected much needed and welcome changes in my life. These changes were so very welcome in fact, that the day after my first session with Rhonda, while walking along the beach trying to define exactly what was different for me, I was overcome with such emotion and relief, I actually wept with exquisite joy when I grasped the full realization that I had been released from the virtual prison alcohol had become for me. I felt reborn, strong, whole, at peace, and ever so filled with awe and gratitude, not just for Rhonda's amazing gift, but her willingness to use it for my benefit.

I have subsequently (and without the anesthesia of alcohol) been able to address all the same traumas, dramas, upsets and problems which are part of my life (and, I suspect, many people's lives), with a sense of greater personal strength, power, serenity, and clarity I've not had for quite some time. My life just doesn't seem so complicated or overwhelming anymore. It is full of wonder, joy and hope, and enormous appreciation for the miraculous turn-arounds that have come from my meeting Rhonda."
Most sincerely,

J.H., New York, NY

"Dear Rhonda and Barry;
I came to you full of hope and skepticism. I considered myself a hopeless alcoholic. I have been through four 30-day inpatient programs followed by AA and I failed each time. I had given up. For the year prior to seeing you, I drank every day. I was only sober long enough, to get healthy, so I could get to the liquor store.

I had my last drink on March 18th, 2000 and on the 19th I embarked on a cross-country trip, to see you. We had our first meeting on the 21st. I was not feeling very good and still a bit shaky. After our first session something was different. I was relaxed, at peace with myself, I cannot exactly describe it but I left your office believing in you, and your technique.

It's been nearly a month [now 10 years] since we had our sessions and I still have not had a drink nor do I desire to have a drink. I often think about the way I was and my old lifestyle. I cannot figure out why I desired alcohol. The desire to drink does not exist today. I still think about alcohol but the desire to drink is just not there. This thinking is inconsistent with reaction to the other treatment programs I have been through. When I graduated from the thirty-day programs, I participated in, I knew intellectually not to drink. However, the desire to drink was still there.

Rhonda, your healing power is truly miraculous. I feel a burden has been lifted from my shoulders and there is a healthy future for me. Thank you so much. I am following through with your recommendations and I will stay in touch."
Sincerely yours,

B. E. Cannon, Loveland, Ohio


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