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Dear Barry and Rhonda,
Things are going wonderful here! I'm in the process of moving back home....Yay! I haven't felt this good in years. You've helped me find such contentment.

My new life style changes are going VERY well. I am even down to only one medication for depression. No anxiety meds, no sleep meds, no non-alcohol meds, and no mood altering meds!!!! The Pranic healing and Qigong are so fascinating. I have even been taking classes again at my friend Victoria's shop (spiritual, awakening, zen stuff) and getting intuitive massage. Finally getting mySELF back. I've even lost some weight already; bonus!

Here's my new mantra I made; Love and Light in your Heart, bring Peace and Harmony to your Soul....

I hope you are both doing well. There hasn't been a day go by when I don't think of you both and, know that I am truly blessed for having found you. I'll give you both a call the first week of March to find out if Rhonda still wants me to add horse chestnut to my supplement list.
Love & Light,
Carrie, California

Hi Rhonda and Barry:

I was thinking of you today as I realized I have been alcohol free for over 6 years. When I saw an article about Rhonda in the Boston Herald, I decided to give her a try. Everything else had failed for me. I have to admit I was extremely skeptical of her process as I really didn’t understand how she could help me to stop my alcohol addiction. But she did. It was like a miracle. Today I am a retired Federal worker and employed as a Professor at a prestigious college in Boston. This was always a dream of mine to be a College Professor. Also, I am involved with a wonderful women. Without Rhonda’s help, I am sure this would not have been possible as I would have been to dedicated to drinking every day.
Thank you for saving my life.
Bill, New Hampshire

"When I was a little girl, I often fantasized about a fairy godmother appearing into my life and, with the touch of her magic wand, would take all my problems away. My fantasy finally came true when Rhonda placed her hands upon my head for a few powerful moments. To my disbelief, she freed me up from a devastating alcohol dependency.

My cravings were gone and my desire to drink on a daily basis, until totally intoxicated, vanished during that magical time. She gave me back my life and another chance to rediscover myself without the fear of relapsing into old patterns.
For this fresh start, I am eternally grateful to you and Barry. I especially admire you, Rhonda, for the courage you have to be who you are and for sharing your gift of love with mankind."
Paola, Los Angeles. February 2006

"Call it a stroke of luck, synchronicity or Divine Providence but my running across the Lenair Healing Center's website with it's testimonials and audio of Rhonda's inscrutable but deeply moving message, was an "aha" moment of the purest sort.

I had woken at 3am, as was my nightly ritual, unable to get back to sleep. This predictable 2-3 hour of torturous shame and self-loathing afforded a regular opportunity to indulge in a Googling frenzy of "alternative and alcoholism" or "holistic and addiction"; to meditate on my shortcomings as well as those of my family members, friends and colleague; to make plenty of resolutions to quit drinking for certain tomorrow; to worry about the state of my liver, brain, kidneys and general health; and to wonder how all the clients who come to me on their own non-traditional healing path would react if they knew I understood and experienced suffering in such a personal and first hand way. Probably with more compassion than I was capable of extending to myself, I realize now.

The next morning, I could hear the sensitivity and good nature in Barry's voice as he made my appointment and gave me directions and instructions. I read and re-read the brochure filled with testimonials he sent and intuitively had a sense that "this is it" although I had been disappointed many times in the past with other therapies that did wonderful things, but didn't cure my addiction. After struggling for 45 years with alcohol and the nuances of keeping the extent of that struggle a secret from everyone in my life, something was different with this process.

So, I showed up. My husband accompanied me, a bit bewildered and skeptical at first, but soon to be amazed at the simplicity of the process.

Rhonda opened up that deep well of universal love that you can see in her eyes as she explains the simple process of touching your forehead and speaking your truth as it comes through her, and the desire for anything but that truth disappears immediately. Gone. Forever.

In case you forget it, she'll talk to you for a few minutes once in a while, just to remind you who you really are and how to love yourself."
Nancy, Maine

"Dear Rhonda and Barry,
How in the world may I wrap the proper words around all that you have given me since May 1, 2007?

POOF - GONE! All those tedious, self-destructive, frustrating and bewildering cravings for alcohol - gone - in literally a matter of hours. I am still in disbelief and jaw-dropping awe over what you accomplished with me and for me.

If this note may help just one person to make the decision to visit with you, my heart will be happy. Regardless of how one discovers you, it is a path destined to happen. Personally, I was scanning AM radio while driving; came upon "The Frankie Boyer Show" (health/talk-show) while Frankie was interviewing you (Rhonda) about your techniques, as well as praising your works with folks from all walks of life and addictions. I was captivated; looked up the radio station, contacted Frankie and within three weeks I was in Vermont - enroute to freedom - and meeting you!

Rhonda, all of the incredible testimonials and eloquent words and phrases that others have shared with you are so true and sincere; I echo everyone in espousing your gifts, talents, techniques, love and concern for all the lives you have touched.

Barry, your kind consideration, compassion and professionalism truly goes hand-in-hand with Rhonda and all that she accomplishes; together, you are an incredible, loving team; I applaud you for all that you do.

Unburdened and free at last, it is with gratitude and love that I share my understated 'thank you'."
Linda, New Hampshire


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