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Three years ago I was in terrible shape. I was battling depression, drinking excessively, and had little hope that things would ever change. I had resigned myself to a life of emptiness and despair. One day, during an especially low period, I began searching for ways to hide my depression and self-sabotage from others with some sort of medication or behavioral process. I accidentally stumbled upon the Lenair website. I knew absolutely nothing about energy healing, and was somewhat skeptical, but was overwhelmed by the testimonials of people who had seen Rhonda and had regained their lives, purpose, and happiness within a matter of hours of seeing her. I decided that there was nothing for me to lose and everything for me to gain by trying this. I called Barry and scheduled an appointment that very day.

I will never forget my first session with Rhonda. I was immediately humbled and realized I was in the presence of an angel - she is in this world, but not of it. I have never felt a presence like that before and doubt I ever will again. Even in my awe, I managed to be honest and tell her that I was skeptical and that if I had to maintain some kind of highly positive mental state for this work, the process would not be effective for me. She responded by telling me that it didn't matter whether I believed it would work or not, which put me at ease. The session was amazing. She knew very intimate details about my life and spoke to me as if she were the mouthpiece of my body and soul, putting to word, everything that I longed for and needed for peace and happiness in my life.

I left this session, and the two subsequent sessions, so full of energy and vigor for life and all the possibilities that were waiting for me, it almost didn't register that I had completely given up my desire to drink....within just an hour with Rhonda on the first day. Since my sessions with Rhonda I have never desired another drink. I am in the presence of people who drink regularly and I have never even been tempted...not once! This is amazing in itself, but there are many other effects this work had on me. I have completely changed by diet and exercise patterns, began to explore my spiritual side, started volunteering for various non-profits, and reconnected with my family and friends. The sphere of influence of my new life has expanded well beyond the borders of my body.

There is no way to effectively thank Rhonda for sharing her gift with me. I am extremely grateful and forever indebted. She has completely changed the course of my life.

Thank you Rhonda, from the bottom of my heart.
Dan C., Austin, TX

"Being treated by Rhonda was one of those monumental life-changing experiences that I'll never forget and also be grateful for. She is accurate, compassionate and truly cares about the outcome. It took Rhonda 20 minutes to turn around my over 20-year-old addiction to alcohol. I am forever grateful."
P. Peterson, Pawlet, VT

"Barry and Rhonda,
You are a miracle, an absolute miracle! I was very skeptical about coming to see you. When my sister told me about you I thought to myself, there is no way you could help me. I honestly believed no one could help me.

My background has been a long history of alcohol abuse. I have survived two head-on collisions where I went through the windshield. I survived two treatment centers, several DWI's, a wrecked marriage, and the list goes on. I was at the point in my life that I could not stop drinking. I was going through a difficult time in my relationship with a wonderful man that I lived with for 13 years, my job was stressful and I was losing my best friend. AA was a drag and that program did not seem to help. I drank; I lost and received another DWI.

I guess my sister knew I was at my lowest point and knew that something had to be done. She saw your article in Elle magazine and decided to call. When she told me about you, I thought that you were a fake, another person to take my money and not help me. My sister assured me you were real and it wouldn't hurt just to go see what the program was all about. Really, what have you got to lose? We can make it a vacation. So off we went, bravely, after September 11th.

When I first met you, Rhonda, I really didn't feel any connection. I was still very skeptical. After the first session, I felt good. That evening, I did not want a drink at dinner. The second session, you told me events that happened early in life, people that I knew, etc. I certainly had not talked to you about anything in my life. You told me to go get my lungs x-rayed because it showed scarring. I didn't believe you on that issue, but sure enough, my lungs were scarred. After the third session I was a believer but still skeptical that I would get back home and start drinking again.

I went to see Rhonda on February 8, 2002. I am happy to announce that I have not had a drink since then. I still have urges to drink, but they last only a minute, then I forget about them. I am eating healthier and feel much better. I guess the only downfall is I have this craving for sweets. I guess a few pounds is better than killing someone or myself!

I was a hopeless case and everyone had given up on me. I thank you, Rhonda, for giving me back my life! If you ever need a testimonial, I am the one. I am your miracle!
L. Hodges, Austin, TX

It has been 2 years to the day, I have not had a drink. This is will be my first testimonial ever written.

I am not sure how or what Ms. Lenair (Self) does but it works. The experience is not just what is ailing you, it is moving as a whole. The experience at the Lenair clinic has forever changed me for the better. I am clear and balanced to 'do' in life, take action.
I will forever be humbled by the enlightenment I received and will always pass it along.
Thank you,
J. Anderson, Ohio

Hi Rhonda and Barry:
I have not spoken with you in a while now and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how I am doing since my last visit to Vermont. I am so very happy to report that I have been alcohol free now for over a year!! Its simply amazing. My life has profoundly changed now that I am free from alcohol.

Making the decision to seek your help was the most important decision of my life because it saved my life. I cannot fully explain just what happened to me. However, what I do know is that after I left your office I no longer had any desire to drink. It vanished.

Note: I drank heavily for my entire life starting from age 15 to 52 -- 37 years. I did not drink everyday - but most every day - I went to several different treatment centers- nothing seemed to work-- alcohol was ruining my life and the down hill slide was rapidly accelerating. But that all changed on January 30 2009- that's the day I lost my drinking problem- Rhonda you saved me that day.

I have certainly changed on the both inside and outside. In the past year I lost about 80 pounds. Now that I no longer have to deal with alcohol, I really place close attention on what I put in my body. I have been closely following the diet recommendations Rhonda outlined- its something I just do and it seems to have worked quite well for me.

I also, as part of a recommendation that Rhonda outlined, have been practicing Tai Chi. I found an excellent teacher in my area and have been studying over a year- about 1 hour a day on average. That seems to balance things out nicely.

I would STRONGLY encourage anyone seeking help to take the step and make an appointment with you. Don't waste anymore time do it as soon as possible- Life is short and you might run out of chances----

Thank you so much and I hope to talk with you soon.
John P., Forest Lake, Minnesota


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