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"Hi Rhonda & Barry,
I am happy to say that I have not had a drink for over five months--since I came out in June.

I can barely remember the person who drank & struggled to quit so many times. Just as so many folks have reported---the craving is just gone. I feel like a slave who was granted her freedom.

My gratitude is immense & eternal to you both.
Blessings for peace & wholeness & joy,
In freedom & with love,"

Miryam, New Mexico

"Dear Rhonda and Barry:
I have battled an alcohol addiction for almost 30 of my 50 years on this planet. I have tried diets, AA meetings and private therapy, etc. - all of which were exercised by choice, and then when the DWI's started, mandated by law. None of the above had worked for me and, as a matter of fact, seemed to have accelerated my consumption.

I was very skeptical about Rhonda and her technique. I searched every available avenue of information to see if I could find any fraudulent writings on her. As my addiction did not want to let go of me, this was an endless quest for me and my addiction to stay as it were. Even up to the day before my visit with Rhonda, I was looking for an excuse to not end my habit. I went alone and actually was dissuaded by friends to pursue this kind of treatment.

All I can tell you is what I tell others. In the first short session I had, I did not even know I had been affected by your treatment. All I knew that when I was done, I just wanted to get something to eat. I did not experience the shakes or the withdrawal I would normally get when approaching the 24 hour alcohol-free period. I did not even realize that I didn't drink that first day, probably the first time in 20 years: It was as if everything was normal.

The way I express the feeling to friends is that Rhonda performs bloodless surgery. She is able to reach inside of you and remove the spiritual equivalent of a defective organ which secrets the craving bile. Suddenly, with the organ gone, there was no need to neutralize the bile with alcohol. End of story: as of May 8, 2007, it will have been 1 ½ years.

My only encounter with booze since then was an accidental drink taken at a function where all I knew was I felt something unpleasant, but what I drank did not look or taste like an alcoholic beverage. I simply continued the evening with food and that was it. The next day when I asked what that was in those small cans (which I thought was that caffeinated 'Red Bull') I was told it was 'Sofia', which is some sort of white wine concoction. White wine was my drink of choice when I was drinking. I must say it bothered me at first that some alcohol entered my system, but I had no desire to continue drinking it and I am not counting that as a 'slip" or any such nonsense. All it was is a tribute to the successful work of Rhonda and her incredible gift.

If people shy away from this because of the inherent nature of fearing what one does not understand, then they are doing themselves a grave injustice. Rhonda is here for a reason and this skeptic (me) came to be cured and has surpassed the test.

Rhonda, thank you so much for your healing work."
James MacMillan, Amagansett, NY

"Dear Rhonda and Barry,
I am not sure what you did to me during those five days I spent in Vermont in January but I am truly a different person. Not only have I been totally sober, but I have also lost 30 pounds so far on my diet (which I actually enjoy) and all my vital stats have improved significantly according to my doctor. My energy level is as good as I ever remember and if it weren't for my osteoarthritis (it runs in my family) and herniated disc, I would be running a 5K.

The one thing I remind myself of is how bad I felt in my previous life and how bad it was for maintaining healthy relationships with my family and friends. Obviously, my outlook has greatly improved.

Again, thank you for all you did form my family and me. From the bottom of my heart, it is greatly appreciated."

Bob, Pennsylvania

Greetings Barry & Rhonda!
I just want to pass along another tale of seeming "miraculous" change....I read about so many there, on your site before coming, in the numerous binders in your waiting area with hundreds and hundreds of others' stories, especially the ones from Norm- those are all extremely inspiring to me, and I want to give you my experiences, thus far in such a "short" period of time...

First of all, as is the case with most if not pretty much probably every person who comes to see you Rhonda ~ the transformation you facilitated is beautifully baffling. Bafflingly beautiful!! :) As you know, I came to you after years of problems with alcohol; years of much drinking, followed by periods of abstinence where I "proved" to myself that it was "under control"; followed by the inevitable, yes, you can call it a slide back into the same habits. Legal issues were the least of my problems as a result of my drinking- and the arrests/penalties/sanctions I subjected myself to over my years of drinking were SUBSTANTIAL. When I came to see you, Rhonda, I had been drinking pretty much daily for, oh, at least 6 months, prior to that regularly and routinely for at least a couple/few years, being on the tail end of what I call "Phase I" of my life, which involved elements familiar to many in major life upheaval; marital dissolution, career/job difficulties and resultant lack of abundance, etc. etc.

At the end of my three sessions with you, Rhonda ~ it was simply gone. Despite that you told me things about myself (and my mother about herself, as she accompanied me on this journey), that I was intrigued by and found pretty incredible that you could know - despite all of that, as far as the alcohol issue went, I did not know at the time if I actually felt different, or not. I will say that I had never been one who experienced what I would characterize as "cravings", even when I was drinking pretty much daily; it would be more like a nightly routine. And I recall reading many others' writing of their experiences saying the same; that it just took a couple of days, maybe into their return home, for it to register that the desire, craving, whatever it was that previously led to the drinking- that it was just gone. And that is what I experienced.

Again, I love and appreciate you both,

Todd Schmidt near Madison, WI

Hi Barry: Just wanted to let you know I am feeling great. I have so much energy now and clarity of mind and enthusiasm for life. I never realized how much the alcohol was making me tired and numbing my emotions. Occasionally I want some wine but the desire passes away in moments, and then I forget about it. I can wine and dine with friends and I don't even think about having a sip. I feel so free now, and fearless in so many ways. Tell Rhonda I am not lonely anymore (it was the topic of our last session). I thought I drank because I was lonely, but after being with Rhonda, I realized I was lonely because I was drinking. It kept me away from people. I still work alone, but now there are people everywhere in my life. People even smile at me now, when they didn't before. Everything is better. Thanks again!
Alan Kettler, PA


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