Self(s) Healing Stories


"Dear Rhonda,
One week ago today, I went to your office with my very good friend Leigh. When we left your office - Leigh appeared to be the same. However, when we got out to her car, she told me she wanted to go somewhere for a cup of tea. I said that I'd love to (but I was wondering to myself that I never knew Leigh drank tea) and so I didn't ask until we were sitting on the deck of this restaurant an hour or so later sipping on our second cup of tea. She then told me that she didn't drink tea but that she wanted tea and it was just great. Also, there were people all around us drinking alcohol which Leigh had been addicted to for close to 18 years and yet she seemed indifferent towards it.

Then after dinner she wanted to go get ice cream (I'm always the one who wants something sweet, not Leigh). The thing that I noticed right away in Leigh is that she seemed to do these things "as if" it's all she ever did anyway!

It has been such a joy to see her over the past week - Not hung over, not driving drunk, not slurring her words, not passing out, not being able to remember what she did or said the night before, not having a panic attack AND INSTEAD seeing her looking radiant, feeling comfortable and more relaxed than she has in years, and without the desire to drink alcohol. What you have done with your treatment has changed my friend and ultimately her life!

Thank you for your dedication to use your incredible gifts on people who suffer every day from one addiction or another.

In love and light and knowingness ... all things are possible."

Mary, Boston, MA

"Dear Rhonda:
I am so deeply in awe of the results it is hard to describe how I feel, except to say for me it is a miracle. There is no overwhelming, uncontrollable need to drink. I am healing physically and more importantly, emotionally from more than twenty years of alcohol abuse."

Wishes to remain anonymous

"I am so deeply thankful that the "Universe" sent me Rhonda. Thanks to her I have my life back again, which I lost many, many years ago due to the entanglement with alcohol addiction.

I waited many months to write this testimonial because I still did not trust that her method would stick with me. I not only had the doubt about her method, but most of all, I did not trust myself because I had quit about three times in the past to no avail.

After I left the center and returned to Seattle, I was faced with every challenge an alcoholic could face, I could not understand why the "Universe" would allow all of this to happen to me since I was really trying to turn my life around. But to my surprise, I was able to handle each and everyone of those challenges with ease, it was as if a veil was covering my perception as I gazed upon the alcohol, even while pouring wine and making drinks at XMAS and other occasion, asking people how the drinks tasted and to enjoy. WHAT A MIRACLE! In the past I would have grabbed the bottle and forget the other people, they would be on their own. 'WHAT A MIRACLE!"

Now my favorite drink is good WATER and believe it or not I am actually a 'TEA TOTTLER' yes, never thought I would succumb to that, but I love to try different teas and make them hot or ice tea with stevia (natural sugar sub) Love it! 'WHAT A MIRACLE!"

Again from the depths of my soul, I thank the "Universe" for beautiful people like Rhonda, oh yes, and Barry too!

Cindy from Seattle

“It is so very true that nothing happens by chance. Something miraculous brought me to you and the experience has led to the beginning of a profound change within me which will never end.
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.”

Laura Marcario, NY

"Dear Barry,
I have searched to the extent of my computer knowledge to try and find the e-mail that I sent back on May 11. It must be lost somewhere in cyberspace! My e-mail was an update on my son, Jacob Connor, who first came to see you and Rhonda on April 22, 2005. I wrote on Jacob's 25th birthday.

In March and April I honestly didn't know if Jacob would live to see his 25th birthday. He had been battling addiction issues (it was alcohol when I made the call to set up the appointment) for a long time. Jacob's father is an alcoholic and as Jacob once put it, he was "blessed" with the addictive genes. Jacob had tried to quit drinking on his own. He went to see his doctor numerous times. His doctor was very compassionate and helped him as much as he could. He put Jacob on an antidepressant, then on an anti-anxiety medication and Jacob eventually needed a medication to help lower his blood pressure. During this time he was trying hard not to drink, to work and live a "normal" life. However, Jacob was unable to stop drinking and his drinking escalated frighteningly. Jacob had some seizure type "spells" and his doctor called me and said that the situation was no longer safe. Jacob needed to detox immediately and he needed help. Jacob got himself a bed at a detox facility and just before taking him, I called and spoke to you. Rhonda was our back-up plan. I knew from all that Jacob's father had been through, the sad fact that detox facilities are often revolving doors. Jacob was in detox for five days (it was wonderful to be able to sleep during those days). He came out and within 24 hours he was drinking again. Jacob was drinking whiskey (or any other alcohol he could find) like it was water. He would drink until he passed out. He was not eating and was 100% out of control. I knew that it was just a matter of time before his body could not take any more and just shut down. All along Jacob knew he had a serious problem. I counted the hours until his appointment to see you. All of my eggs were in the Rhonda Lenair basket and I didn't dare look beyond our appointment.

Today is July 5th. I just spoke to Jacob. He is doing great! About two weeks after his visit to you, I asked him one of my typical questions: "So, Jacob, what's new in your life?" The standard response my kids give me is "not much" or "same old, same old..." Jacob looked at me after I asked him this and responded, "Everything!" He called me after two months of being sober and reminded me that it had been two months--as if I would forget such a miraculous event! Last weekend he called to tell me that on Sat. night he was watching a movie and was hungry. He went to the refrigerator and found nothing (he's pretty good about sticking with the dietary suggestions from Rhonda) and then he checked the freezer and found nothing. He went back to his movie and shortly afterward went back to the freezer. He said, "Ma, I had a breakthrough! There was a bottle of vodka nicely chilled in the freezer. I didn't even see it the first time I opened the door!" Three months ago that bottle would have been calling his name and he would have drunk it until it was gone or he passed out--which ever came first. He was able to close the freezer door and go back to his movie.

Please tell Rhonda how deeply grateful I am to her. Jacob is not only sober and back at work (he was working full-time in less than a week after his first treatment), but he is happy! My ex-husband (Jacob's father) has been in and out of detox facilities since before Jacob was born. He is a very angry, unhappy person. I wouldn't want Jacob to live a life where he was filled with anger and resentment. Jacob is just beginning to know himself. He is feeling better and better about himself with every little challenge that he takes on and conquers. His self esteem is blossoming and he is able to handle some very emotionally, painfully intense situations that recently occurred with the sudden death of his aunt in an automobile accident. There are more stories I could share, but this is enough for now.

I was concerned about whether or not your program might work for someone as young as Jacob. The testimonial letters all appeared to be from older adults. Jacob is proof of Rhonda's extraordinary gift and age is no limitation. I should add that Jacob is able to be around his friends, attend parties where alcohol is flowing everywhere and be happily social without feeling the need (and I think without the desire) to drink. He now has a chance to live the special, wonderful life that he deserves to live.

There are no words to express my gratitude. I only wish that there were more people like Rhonda with the ability and giftedness that she possesses. What a different world this would be for so many individuals and families who suffer immensely from addiction. I know that I do not possess these abilities, however, if there is something that I can do (besides share Jacob's story with anyone who is interested), please let me know. Jacob and my whole family has suffered a lot because of addiction and any way to alleviate this in someone else's family is well worth pursuing."
Wishing you all the best,

Debby Thompson, Jacob's mother


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