Lenair Healing Foundation Announces Support for Small Nonprofits Through Innovative Fundraising Vehicle

‘Telexperience’ provides successful way to attract new donors and supporters, quickly generate fundraising revenue

NEWBURY, MA, and BENSON, VT – March 6, 2011 – The Lenair Healing Foundation (LHF), a Massachusetts-incorporated and Vermont-based 501(c)(3) corporation, is now offering small nonprofits that can accept tax-deductible donations access to their successful fundraising vehicle. This exclusive ‘Telexperience’ generates fundraising revenue, attracts new subscribers and donors, while benefitting the lives of those that participate in the events.

LHF co-founder, Barry Chalfin Lenair, states, “We began offering this Telexperience exclusively for our supporters 5 years ago: It was so successful we decided to share it with other nonprofits that struggle raising funds and have little spare time for that important activity.” He adds, “These events offer those nonprofits that partner with us great fundraising potential while helping their members through this transforming event.”

The exclusive ‘Telexperience’ event is private telephone gathering where participants worldwide will listen to Rhonda Lenair, a luminary, prophet, and renowned healer. Since 1987, she has provided over 30,000 people the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE). Through her special gifts, people in her presence have lost the need and desire to engage in out-of-control behaviors like excessive drinking, smoking, and other negative behaviors while others have overcome stress, anxiety, and have attained the sanctity of inner peace. Participants in a Telexeperience – even over the telephone – have reported powerful changes.

According John A. Parmelee, a well-respected CPA for over 45 years, founding partner of Parmelee, Poirier and Associates of Warwick, RI, and a board member of LHF, “Rhonda’s unique ability attracts new supporters like a magnet. The Telexperience satisfies small nonprofits fundraising requirements. It also exposes the people that participate in the event to something beautiful that occurs through it.” He continues, “I am enthused about being a part of this event that can offer so many nonprofits a viable vehicle to assist with their ongoing financial challenges while enriching the lives present during the event. My own nonprofit clients are eager to partner with LHF.”

Nonprofits that participate with the Lenair Healing Foundation must be able to accept tax-deductible donations and need only communicate to their current members and announce the event. The automation of the administration of the event, including accepting the suggested tax-deductible donation of $45.00 will be taken care of through an event marketing program of the email company Constant Contact®.

“Our organization is made up of many families who can benefit from the work of Rhonda Lenair and it is important to us to be able to share her work”, says Ricardo Sierra, executive director of Hawk Circle Wilderness Education (aka The Earth Mentoring Institute). He continues, “By supporting her work through a collaborative fund raising event with the Lenair Healing Foundation, we are accomplishing two important goals: raising much needed funding while providing our students and families with a valuable healing experience. Since my family has personally benefited from Rhonda’s work, I am honored to be able to offer this experience to our supporters.”

Nonprofits interested in learning more about how the Telexperience can assist with their fundraising efforts can visit the Lenair Healing Foundation page on The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center website: http://lenair.com/about-2/lenair-healing-foundation or call 1.888.412.8392. Specific information about the Telexeperience can be found here: http://www.lenair.com/telexperience-fundraising-event.

About the Lenair Healing Foundation

The Lenair Healing Foundation (http://lenair.com/about-2/lenair-healing-foundation) is a Massachusetts-formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1999 by Rhonda and Barry Chalfin Lenair. Its mission is to provide, through Self(s) education and its exclusive Telexperiences, the vehicle to allow all life to come together where it had been separated and become one inseparable light of illumination for all.

Barry Chalfin Lenair
The Lenair Healing Foundation

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Since this release was placed, new information has emerged and the single Group SHE has grown exponentially into a much larger and important initiative called ‘One Self(s) Cause for One Self(s) Peace’. To receive more information about this movement, call Barry Lenair.

    "At a Glance"

    • A collaboration on a unique fundraising activity.

    • Your nonprofit promotes, advertises, and preschedules a very special by donation-only event

    • Also available ‘live’ when additional criteria is met

    • The Telexperience is an event offered through renowned prophet and luminary, Rhonda Lenair

    • The event is cosponsored by the Lenair Healing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation. Your organization receives 60% of the net proceeds (and up to 70% based on number of participants)

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