Client Referral Gift Rewards Program

So many of our clients have been so very generous over the years in sharing their personal transformational stories, testimonials, and lending endorsements for all that SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair as one) has offered them, and many have also been instrumental in letting others know about the miracles – ‘predictable’ and unpredictable – they have witnessed.

We want to acknowledge and thank all those that refer people to our Healing Center and offering them this new Gift Rewards Program. Here’s how the program works:

Refer someone that schedules for an experience with us. Once they have scheduled and paid in full* for their experience, you’ll be awarded Gift Credit points.

 *$4,200 in-person; $425 via phone. Cannot be combined with any promotions or offers

You’ll receive 300 points for each person that schedules for a SHE in-person, and receive 50 points for each person you refer that schedules for a SHE via phone. And you’ll receive 5 points for anyone you refer to any of our Group Self(s) Healing Experiences.

You can accumulate these points for a full year and redeem them anytime during that year after signing up. If they are not redeemed by the end of that year, they have no value. Reward points are not retroactive (not valid until you register for the program).

Each point is equivalent to one dollar (US), but cannot be redeemed for cash, only for the services SHE offers (in-person, via phone, or in a Group).

These gift credit points are transferrable to anyone you choose but cannot be combined with any other offers.

The referring person must identify you as the source of the referral at the time they call and schedule and have paid in-full for their experience in-person ($4,200) or via phone ($425).

If you are responsible for signing up a company, corporation, organization for our ‘Ultimate Wellness Experience’, you will accumulate points for each person within the organization that schedules what SHE offers within a year.

To make it easy for you to encourage people to visit our website and navigate, I’ve created a ‘Welcome’ page within our site specifically for people you’d like to share with the many benefits SHE offers. Simply direct them here… and they will be directed to parts of our site that will enlighten them about our services. Of course your own personal story – if you’ve experienced what SHE offers – is invaluable.

I’ve also have available a one page fact sheet/poster that you can download and print that can be posted on bulletin boards at your company, spa, health food store, yoga studio, meditation group and other schools, classes or associations. Just make sure to add your name, phone number and email address so people can contact you directly.

Please call me with any questions you have about this new gift rewards program or any other questions you may have. We so look forward to being able to offer your referrals the many miracles SHE manifests.

So, don’t wait any longer. To register, email me ( with your name, address, phone number and preferred email address. Your points will start accumulating as soon as you email and will be kept manually until a formal system is set up.

Are you aware of how you can receive the Self(s) Healing Experience for free and have what SHE offers available at your location? Learn about it HERE

    "At a Glance"

    • A new Client Referral Gift Rewards Program

    • Earn points (with dollar value) towards all the services we offer

    • Points can be accumulated over a year's time

    • Earn substantial points by having your company participate in our 'Ultimate Wellness Program'

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