SHE is unlike any binge drinking, eating disorder, quit smoking program, alcohol rehab, alternative addiction program or 12 step program. SHE is a non-medical experience founded by Rhonda Lenair, renowned prophet, luminary, and medical intuitive, which offers the most effective and successful way to attain instant enlightenment and the sanctity of inner peace. SHE has produced ‘predictable miracles’ for tens of thousands of people since 1987.

In her presence, predicable miracles occur.

About Us

Rhonda Lenair

Rhonda is a prophet, luminary, medical intuitive, and renowned healer and also known as the healer of addictions by tens of thousands of clients worldwide. As a medical intuitive, she has been compared over and over to the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce.
Rhonda founded a non-medical paradigm called the Self(s)* Healing Experience (SHE) that provides immediate access to the state of enlightenment and the sanctity of inner peace. SHE is legendary for producing a phenomenon – a ‘predictable miracle’ – whereby all desires, cravings, and the need to self-destruct with addictions and other out-of-control issues effortlessly cease without pain, withdrawals, treatments or therapy. Any false versions of peace are primed to resolve through this divine encounter.

Her countenance is represented in pictures as the golden water, and is used as a metaphor through what SHE offers that perfectly reflects the life or lives before her and seamlessly SHE becomes their voiced reflection. To enter this metaphor, click here.

Rhonda has been featured in Elle magazine, Good Housekeeping, the Boston Globe, the Discovery Channel, and scores of radio and television segments. She has been commissioned by royalty and celebrities worldwide who have struggled with attaining inner peace – the objective of what SHE offers.

As a child, Rhonda was a dedicated student of the Boston Ballet under the direction of its founder, the late E. Virginia Williams, and was granted a Ford Foundation scholarship. She became an apprentice with the Boston Ballet at age 14 and was one of the youngest dancers with the ballet at that time. At 15, Rhonda received a scholarship to study at the Julliard School under the direction of the late George Balanchine and was granted a scholarship to the Rebecca Harkness School of Ballet Arts.

Rhonda is well-known for her contributions and achievements in the healing arts, energy medicine, enlightenment, and for bringing forth Self(s) Education – a new genre in teaching and learning.

Rhonda co-founded the Lenair Healing Foundation (LHF) in 1999 with her husband. LHF’s vision – ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace – that is primed to save our world at large. Learn more HERE.

Rhonda shares her homes and healing centers in Newbury, MA and Benson, VT with her loving husband Barry Chalfin Lenair, who left his former life to be with her and dedicated his life to this purpose and the work that they share together. Barry added Rhonda’s last name to his out of respect and his love for her and their work. UPDATE: Barry passed away on September 9, 2014. Learn more about Barry HERE

*Self(s): ONE infinite eternal, macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter, each representing ONE whole and one whole part of ONE communicatory ‘being’ that IS pure intelligence.

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    "At a Glance"

    • Prophet, luminary, and renowned medical intuitive who is compared to Edgar Cayce, Yogananda, and Hildegard von Bingen

    • Pioneer in energy medicine and founded the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE)

    •Known as the 'healer of addictions' by tens of thousands worldwide

    •SHE is legendary for producing miracles

    •Endorsed by leading medical and health experts and practitioners

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