Rhonda Lenair, renowned medical intuitive, has had many articles written about the phenomenon that happens in her presence. Articles about treating addictions, alcohol abuse, addiction treatment, alternative addiction treatment, and healing addictions can be found on this page. Nevertheless, the objective of the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) is attaining the sanctity of inner peace: learn more about the power of SHE here.

“… Absolutely no cravings or desire … It feels as if Rhonda pulled the addiction right out of me…” Dr. Murphy, MD, Illinois.

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These are but a few of the scores of articles that have been written about Rhonda Lenair and her amazing work over the past 2 ½ decades.

Addiction Professional Magazine
An Uncommon Healing Touch

Boston Herald
`Medical Intuitive’ Fights Alcohol Abuse

Boston Globe
She Feels Your Pain: As a `medical intuitive,’ Rhonda Lenair reads clients’    ailments

Elle Magazine
The Energizer

Heather’s Blog Entry
My Spiritual Journey to End Perfectionism

Massage and Bodywork Magazine
The Lenair Technique: Fighting Addictions Bioelectrically

Rutland Herald
Benson is Home to Alternative Addiction Treatment

Seven Days
Booze Muse

The Holistic Times
Mind/Body Intuitives ‘See’ Larger Reality

Totalhealth Magazine
The Lenair Technique Revisited
Help for Those with Addictions

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients
A Personal Profile: Addiction Treatment Specialist & Medical Intuitive, Rhonda Lenair.

Wisdom Magazine
Addictions Vanish in Her Presence

Unmuting Your Inner Voice

A New Paradigm for Treating Addictions

SHE Promises You Instant Enlightenment

Discovering the Self(s) Heal Phenomenon

Healing Addictions Miraculously – Part One
Healing Addictions Miraculously – Part Two
Healing Addictions Miraculously – Part Three

How to Become One With Your Highest Power – Instantly

Past the ‘Predictable Miracle’LenairArticleOnePagenov-dec2013

SHE is Primed to Save This World at Large

SHE is Your ‘Predictable Miracle

The Body: Transcending Addiction

To read many excerpts from different articles about Rhonda’s work, click here.

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    "At a Glance"

    • Lenair has been featured in scores of articles citing client's addictions disappearing and about medical intuitive work

    • Major media outlets have written about the 'predictable miracles' SHE has produced for people worldwide

    • Article subjects range from healing addictions, alternative addiction treatment, alcohol abuse, and attaining inner peace

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