The medical intuitive and energy healer, Rhonda Lenair, has seen thousands of clients who report having issues like drinking problems, addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine addictions, and the inability to quit smoking cigarettes and marijuana and other addictions effortlessly eliminated through the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE). You can read article excerpts of these stories below and full stories on our articles page. Become a ‘predictable miracle’ story through what SHE offers.

“Rhonda’s … healing work is remarkable in its ability to eliminate alcoholism … She acts as a human equivalent to an MRI, CAT scan or diagnostic lab.”, Hyla Cass, MD

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“I first heard of Rhonda Lenair back in 1992 when I was the medical writer at The Palm Beach Post newspaper and her mother called me suggesting I do a story on her daughter’s unusual technique for getting people to quit their addictions. I don’t usually bite on cold calls like that one, but there was something in what she said and how she said it that grabbed my attention. Skeptical but intrigued, I did the story. And I didn’t forget her.

A year or so later, a friend was having a problem and I suggested to her that Lenair might help. The friend went to see her, was cured, and my interest in Lenair was piqued again. I wrote another story about her in 1996 a few years after taking a position as medical writer at The Boston Herald.

During the course of researching Rhonda Lenair and The Lenair Technique, I talked with dozens of people who said they had been cured of long time alcohol, drug and tobacco addictions. The patients whom I had talked to were credible. I began to believe. In 2001, I did yet another story on Lenair’s prowess in treating alcohol addictions. The story led to another friend’s being treated for a drinking problem – a problem that was overcome quickly and easily in just three sessions with Lenair.

Let it suffice to say, as a medical writer for more than 12 years, I have seen and heard a variety of claims, from physicians and healers of all sorts, mainstream and alternative. Basically, I’ve seen and heard it all. But nothing I’ve seen in all these years has ever come close to matching Rhonda Lenair. She’s the real thing.”
Michael Lasalandra, Health Reporter, The Boston Herald

Betty Monroe

“Ms. Lenair does this, and it comes from within. More than a dozen members of the Salem Police Department can attest to the success of her techniques when 13 out of 14 were successful in conquering smoking by using her technique.”

Jeanie Russell

Phillip Stone, M.D., a plastic surgeon who practices in New York City and Springfield, MA, went to intuitive Rhonda Lenair to quit smoking – and did after one treatment. “The first thing she knew was that I had a bad back from an old tennis injury,” he says. “Second, she told me I had trouble with an upper left wisdom tooth, which was true. She knew the specific sites in my neck and back where I have tension from surgery. And that I had congestion in my left ear. There was no reason in the world she could know any of this. It was wild. But there are certain things in this life of ours that people can either accept or not accept.” He now refers patients to Lenair.

Morton Walker, D.P.M.

“My reportorial observation is that Rhonda Lenair conducts herself as a gentle, honest, loving, soft-spoken, humble and giving person who denies her extraordinary talent. When asked about herself, she states with conviction, “I strive to become nothing and thus I am able to absorb everyone and everything.” But to those multi-thousands of former addicts who love the woman and hold her in respect as a healer, she is the key player in a life-changing experience for each of them. In my three-and-half decades of interviewing clients and patients about products and services, it is the first time that I’ve encountered so much love, wonder, appreciation, and enthusiasm for a dispenser of healing care.”

Alicia Potter

Every night, while her young son slept, Mary Day drank. She didn’t always get drunk, but she downed enough alcohol – three or more White Russians a night – to make her worry. Worry that she couldn’t relax without it; that she wasn’t able to stop; that she was endangering her son. Three years into this ritual, Day vowed to quit. But she didn’t call her doctor or a rehab clinic or her local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous. “Sitting around with a bunch of people who drank and talking about it didn’t appeal to me,” says Day, a thirty-eight-year-old, no-nonsense accountant. So she chose what she believed to be the quickest, easiest path to sobriety: She called Rhonda Lenair, an “energy healer.” …One year later, she hasn’t had a single drink.

Gary Enos, Editor

“All four clients whom I’ve sent haven’t had a drink since they returned,” Judge says. “I recognize that something different from normal is happening here. This somehow is another piece of the continuum.”

What amazes clients and professionals is Lenair’s accuracy in discussing current health concerns and even predicting future issues. When Judge accompanied a client to the center and sat in on a post-session wrapup in which Barry Chalfin Lenair took notes about the session, she says she was “thunderstruck by the things [Rhonda] said about the patient.” The details were so dead-on that she could conclude: “This wasn’t Madame Zorba at the county fair.”

“I think she is a special person; it’s almost like she’s not a person like you and me,” says Elaine Caskey, who traveled to New England from Texas to accompany her alcoholic sister to Lenair’s center. Caskey says she and her daughters were also helped by Lenair. “My drinking was getting to be a problem,” she says. “From the first day with Rhonda, I felt incredible, with lots of energy. It gave me a new lease on life.”

Lyle Hurd, Editor/Publisher

Prior to speaking with Ms. Lenair, I visited her Web site and reviewed over 30 testimonials to the positive impact of her work, then requested a list of persons whom I might contact personally. The three individuals I spoke with all related their experiences with a missionary zeal. One of the women is also in the national health field. She overcame an addiction to alcohol through her experience with Ms. Lenair. Another woman no longer smokes or craves nicotine after decades of addiction. I spoke with a gentleman who has been working with Ms. Lenair for three separate problems, alcohol addiction, an eating disorder and most recently, to overcome a lifelong problem with severe claustrophobia. All three have remained free of their problems since working with Ms. Lenair.

Shirley Vanderbilt

Polly Peterson, an equine massage therapist in Hinsdale, N.H., had much the same reaction. “I’m not really sure what happened. I went in for my appointment and saw this huge aura around her. I looked away and when I looked back I still saw the aura. She did a hands-on thing on my head and walked me through a visualization and 20 minutes later – it was just amazing. I haven’t had a beer since. I haven’t had an inkling to drink. I can have people around me drinking and it doesn’t even phase me.”

Sarah Tuff

Cynicism notwithstanding, it’s hard to ignore a case such as “Jeff,” a 42-year-old lumberyard worker and father of three from Poultney. He estimates he was drinking 40-50 ounces of liquor a day in the two years surrounding his divorce. Beers after work gave way to drinks in the morning before work, more at his favorite bar at lunch, and ensuing detox and recovery programs as well as several near-death experiences.
At one point, Jeff says he was driving to work, loaded, and decided he needed help. A friend found him near the emergency room of Rutland Regional Medical Center, passed out in his truck. His blood alcohol level was a death-defying .37. Jeff calls chiropractors “garbage” and horoscopes “crazy”, but when his brother mentioned an article he had read about the Lenair Center, Jeff agreed to try it. He doesn’t reveal much about what happened when he first went in late February, and struggles to find words to describe Lenair. “I almost felt like there was something about her – her demeanor, her tone of voice,” says Jeff, who adds that she brought him to a state of “normalcy” – to his pre-drinking days. “It was a weird feeling when I left, like a peace.”

Susan Beal

I was excited when I first read about Rhonda Lenair’s effectiveness as a healer and medical intuitive. Rather than vague assurances of increased well-being, the information sent to me was filled with testimonials about people being cured, almost overnight, of three-pack-a-day smoking habits, heavy-duty cocaine addictions, and decades of alcoholism. There were stories about people getting help with illnesses after trying other methods with no success. There were references to Rhonda’s ability to correct bioelectrical imbalances in the body, which removed the desire for the addictive substance or behavior. This was not about symbolism or metaphorical understanding, but about practical, down-to-earth assistance in improving one’s health. This woman really seemed to go beyond counseling or intuitive advice, to real healing. She wasn’t helping people simply understand why they were suffering – she eased their suffering, and she had the testimonials to prove it.

Kathy Peck

“When I walked out of my first session with Rhonda,” stated Don, a 44-year-old department store manager from Kentucky, “I didn’t know what happened, but I immediately felt much calmer. There was no pain or withdrawal. My physical cravings were almost immediately removed. I haven’t had a drink since. And for the first time since I stared drinking heavily, I don’t crave alcohol. Now I’m starting to feel better. I’ve straightened out my financial situation, and I’ve improved my status at work.”

Patricia A. Brogdon

Kathy Turnbull of Delaware had been in and out of rehab programs and Alcoholics Anonymous since age 13. But after one visit to Rhonda Lenair, a medical intuitive and addiction treatment specialist, the 34 year-old addict suddenly became sober. “Immediately after seeing Rhonda I went to a restaurant where everyone around me was drinking,” recalls Turnbull. “For the first time in my life I had no cravings whatsoever. Her treatment is a miracle.” More than a year later, Turnbull says she still does not crave alcohol.

Michael Lasalandra

Although Lenair advertises in alternative health publications, most of her patients are very mainstream. She has treated many police officers for tobacco addictions, for example. And she counts several medical doctors as supporters. “It is certainly not explainable by conventional medicine,” said Dr. Daniel Kinderlehrer, a Tufts University School of Medicine graduate and a board-certified internist in Newbury. “But I have referred many patients to her for both food and smoking addictions, with excellent results,” he said.

Bella English

“Sandy Shea went, too, to write an article for The Boston Phoenix. She also happened to have a long-time smoking habit. Nearly two years later, she hasn’t picked up a cigarette. “It certainly amazes me. All I can say is that your need for a cigarette hits a wall and dies, and sooner or later, you don’t have the need anymore.”

Breeda Whitmore

“It is difficult to describe,” Ms. Holliday said. Holliday had tried every program to help her quit alcohol but with no success. “Rhonda got me on track,” she said. “I felt my body was going back into balance. Through magnetism, she put my spiritual and physical pieces back into alignment.” Holliday met with Lenair in August 1994 and hasn’t had a drink since then.

David Rattigan

Along with reading direct problems, Lenair’s skill at reading someone else’s frequencies can help her identify other physical problems and imbalances. “It sounds ridiculous, but during my treatment she told me I had an inflammation in my lower right jaw. As it happened, I had an abscessed tooth and had made an appointment with my doctor,” Dolores Rygiel says. Lenair picked up something very deep in one breast, and advised her to see a doctor. When Rygiel said she’d just had an exam, she repeated the advice. When Rygiel brought it up to her doctor, the doctor acknowledged that tests had found a lump, and had been watching it, but that it was nothing to worry about. “I don’t know how it’s done, but it’s very, very surprising,” Rygiel says.

Katy Koontz

When Norma Stringer of Birmingham, Alabama, saw medical intuitive Rhonda Lenair a year ago, Lenair recommended that Stringer see any eye doctor. Stringer went for an exam, but the optometrist told her that the prescription hadn’t changed and that all looked well. When Stringer telephoned Lenair four months later, the intuitive urged her to see another doctor even though Stringer was having no noticeable difficulty with her eyes. The second doctor found an occlusion in Stringer’s left eye, the result of a blockage in several blood vessels in that eye. Stringer was lucky: She says she would probably have gone blind if the problem hadn’t been discovered. The blockage was successfully treated, and Stringer’s eye is now perfectly healthy.

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