Through Self(s) Education the world can join seamlessly as one.

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The Lenair Healing Foundation (LHF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation was founded by Rhonda Lenair and Barry Chalfin Lenair in 1999 and received tax-exempt status in 2001. LHF was established for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.


In August of 2014 the board unanimously voted the dissolution of LHF being a 501(C)(3) but keeping it’s mission and vision alive. On September 9, 2014 Barry Chalfin Lenair passed away.


Prior to reading anything about the Lenair Healing Foundation (LHF) or Self(s) Healing Experience, it is imperative to understand the word ‘Self(s)’, as it is the foundation and center point of all that Rhonda Lenair and LHF represent, reflect and offer.

Unlike the physical finite self, Self(s) is ONE nonphysical, infinite, indivisible, eternal intelligence and light energy that presides within all life and that joins all life as ONE. To learn more about Self(s), please read here:

As you’ll learn, LHF’s beliefs, mission, global initiative and vision, all reflect ONE Self(s) presence and in essence, all life IS…

It is also important to understand what the ambiguous acronym ‘SHE’ is. SHE represents the Self(s) Healing Experience (nonphysical, infinite, gender-free), and Rhonda Lenair (physical, finite, female) as ONE become offer.

Rhonda and the experience seamlessly become ONE, and through Rhonda’s physiology and human voice, she unmutes pure truth through any life or lives SHE becomes ONE with.

What happens through the work of LHF is only possible through what Rhonda Lenair finitely represents in accordance with an infinite purpose and her birth on earth. This is reflected through all SHE offers to and for all life as ONE.

LHF’s mission, global initiative and vision are all timed-phases of, and stages of what activates and then alleviates the need for the purpose or ultimate vision.

-All causes as ONE Self(s) cause;
-All religions as ONE Self(s) religion;
-All life as ONE Self(s) life that lives;

-All life is ONE Self(s) that is equal;
-All life ‘beings’ are parts of ONE Self(s) being that’s whole and imparted in all life’s ‘parts’;
-All life is from ONE infinite undivided masterpiece [master piece] that is finitely divided in pieces which are also masterpieces in and of themselves;
-All life IS ONE Self(s) life that lives;
-All life has ONE Self(s) purpose;
-LHF believes there is no life purpose or life greater or lesser than another;
-LHF believes all finite life has a purpose that balances all life as ONE;
-When pure peace is attained within all physical life, all wars will end;
-All life IS connected by ONE Self(s) intelligence that presides within all life and joins all life as ONE;
-All life, when centered in ONE Self(s) intelligence superseding dogma, judgment, and bias, is then primed to transcend disparities, conflicts and wars both inwardly and outwardly; -All life holds all life’s answers;

Until life is centered in what joins life inseparably, a life will perceive itself as being separate from ONE Self(s), however when life is centered in what joins life seamlessly as ONE, life will outgrow the need for all that separates life.

LHF offers Self(s) [non-physical, infinite, indivisible, eternal light within all life that joins all life as ONE] education, primarily through the Group Self(s) Healing Experience, where all present are primed to transcend bias, judgment, dogma and disparities that separate and divide life and to become centered within what seamlessly joins all inseparably as ONE.

LHF offers Self(s) educational classes, materials and products which prime one to attain Self(s) enlightenment and to become Self(s) illuminated within the sanctity of inner peace.

The Lenair Healing Foundation offers the Group Self(s) Healing Experience to non-profit and for-profit organizations and groups. The Group Self(s) Healing Experience is an omnipresent, infinite group encounter where all present transcend dogma, bias and judgment by being centered in ONE infinite intelligence that joins all life as ONE in one consciousness raising experience.

The Group Self(s) Healing Experience is a most powerful, transformative experience. It is the mechanism that fuels and activates LHF’s global initiative – ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace.

All Self(s) Healing Experiences, whether privately with one or in a group, are the same in one fundamental and primary way: when SHE is with one, SHE reflects one; when SHE is with all, SHE reflects all as ONE. 

 What SHE offers in a group worldwide is facilitated:
• Through sponsors for their group who organize the Experience either via phone, or live in-person at their location;

 • Through LHF for the purpose of fund raising for its global mission.

LHF donates the group SHE to other nonprofits that share missions which help earth and/or earth’s inhabitants to raise funds, to attract new supporters and awareness for their respective causes, and to be joined through the common denominator and thread of being a cause that supports Earth and/or her inhabitants. In accordance with LHF’s global mission and initiative, when activated ‘ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’, is primed to save our world at large.

 SHE surpasses physical boundaries, divisions, time, and physical differences that divide and separate life. All present in the group through what SHE offers become ONE seamless, time-ubiquitous, eternal, non-physical, indivisible experience as ONE SHE verbally reflects. All hear what joins and unites the group as ONE that emanates through each group participant and back to the group seamlessly as ONE. No more or less is heard and witnessed than the group is primed to profit by. All present are instantaneously enlightened in the luminescence of ONE Self(s) intelligence which presides within all individualized life forms that are born anew collectively as ONE and in ONE body of sacred knowledge.

 The group is centered in and becomes ONE Self(s) enlightened being in unison and unity. The group Self(s) Healing Experience is undefined until it meets its definition through those who are present.

ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace

ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’ is the vision of how LHF’s global initiative unfolds.

There is no one individual cause that can save our world at large. Rather, there are multitudinous causes which share a commitment to earth and/or her inhabitants. Beyond their individual causes, each can surpass the boundaries of its named/framed cause while strengthening and fortifying its cause as one part of what’s whole. One cause affects all causes and all causes affect ONE Self(s) cause.

Just reflect upon – if only one cause were to attain its ultimate vision and dream, while earth’s other causes were neglected: how relevant would the successful cause be if earth and life living on earth were still threatened and vulnerable in other ways which other causes represent if those other causes were neglected or not strengthened?

Through the vision of ‘ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’ where all causes become ONE Self(s) cause and vision, all causes are primed to be strengthened individually and collectively as ONE.

On March 11, 2011, the day of the Fukushima tsunami, Rhonda ‘received’ a message that was to change the course of LHF. She was given that LHF was to donate its Group Self(s) Healing Experience to other nonprofits in order to allow them also to be primed to successfully raise funds, to raise awareness of their causes, and to attract new supporters.

Rhonda was then again ‘signaled’ that there was still a greater purpose that was about to be born.

 The message through her was: significantly magnify – exponentially – the impact and power of the Group SHE by uniting hundreds of causes initially, then thousands and greater numbers of causes simultaneously in massive Group experiences at the same time, on the same day. Frequent massive LHF-donated Group SHE’s via phone and live worldwide will be a magnet and precursor for rapid change to occur for all as ONE. Then, all finite individual causes will become infinitely and collectively one global Self(s) cause affected initiative. All causes that share earth and her inhabitant’s plight, unite as ONE, in ONE, and through ONE vehicle that SHE offers.

 SHE centers earth, and the universe and all become ONE, and in ONE Self(s) seamless movement that moves, centers and saves our planet by all becoming ONE. Through ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace (OSCOSP), all separate causes are strengthened fiscally and profit by what SHE offers. Inseparably, as ONE and through ONE, all are fortified individually, collectively and respectfully for ONE and in ONE Self(s) movement and cause that affects earth and all life that inhabits and shares the same Mother and address.

Because earth and all her inhabitants are either in crisis and/or affected by a crisis, urgent intervention is needed now. There is no time to spare or waste. A time-accelerated initiative must occur now! Collective intervention needs to take place by rallying all causes that support earth and her inhabitants to commit to becoming one part of this great, whole global initiative. All causes that join will affect and fuel the motion that saves earth and all life.

 OSCOSP initiative will contagiously spread its model that exemplifies that all life is ONE cause, effect and action that successfully in essence centers the life it is and all other life as parts of ONE whole life living. When life overcomes all inner wars, conflicts and struggles, outward peace is won and ONE Self(s) Peace occurs through ONE Self(s) Cause that affects change. When enough causes become a part of OSCOSP, all life begins to change by taking on ONE Self(s) life for all and ONE as all.

Using the 101 Monkey Phenomenon as a metaphor that cites change, OSCOSP initiative is primed to realign and change the species of mankind to know and embrace by osmosis inner peace as a natural state that’s within one and won, without war needed – all life is primed to become ONE with. Thus through ONE Self(s) inseminated seed, ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace was born for all life to be reborn as and in pure peace.

As ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace accelerates, individual causes will no longer be necessary, as they will have fulfilled their visions through ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace initiative. The ultimate vision is where all life becomes ONE by attaining pure peace that presides within, and that outward reflection will be able to set all life free – inwardly and outwardly. Life will then outgrow the need for any cause to be and then outgrow the reason why a physical life is necessary by learning what life IS before ‘a’ life becomes a finite division from ONE infinite division-free Self(s). Life comprehends all life’s ‘parts’ that are divided from ONE Self(s) intelligence into finite forms born as one note ‘unit’, or ‘pixel’ in one and as ONE Self(s) portrait, landscape, choreography, and composition. Pre- and post-life what becomes ‘a’ part of ONE Self(s) that is reborn in terms and turns. Multitudinously, all individual life is one and equals ONE Self(s).

A Calibrated Poemantra for ‘ONE Self(s) Cause for ONE Self(s) Peace’

… Where all nonprofits, causes and charities profit by being one,
Named and unnamed united cause all seamlessly become,
ONE Self(s) cause all profit by fueling what is raised,
In profits and consciousness, a light all set ablaze,
A light within that joins all life illuminates and shines,
Within all life equally in parts is one divine
Light imparted in [is] ONE Self(s) center and sanctity,
Of peace that recreates, permeates and spreads contagiously,
No life is forsaken and all life’s awakened
In ONE Self(s) reflected center the Universe will see,
Earth as the satellite causing goodwill that will free,
Peace – inner peace all life reaches and becomes,
One Self(s) cause that supports all by being won
)))))))))))) That supports all beings being ONE …

*Self(s): ONE infinite eternal, macrocosm of intelligence and light energy that is constantly subdividing into finite microcosms of condensed physical matter, each representing ONE whole and one whole part of ONE communicatory ‘being’ that IS pure intelligence.






Our story begins in 1999, when Rhonda Lenair, a luminary, prophet and renowned healer, and her husband and dedicated physical counterpart Barry Chalfin Lenair, founded the Lenair Healing Foundation, a nonprofit company. Its charter was to: assist world leaders that had fallen by the wayside primarily due to alcoholism; assist other people overcome addictions that were struggling financially; and to teach medical professionals about Rhonda’s work with addictions.

Read a short version of the story here: SHE is Primed to Save This World at Large

[Even though a great many people were assisted through the Foundation in these early years, it was unclear how Rhonda would be able to teach others what she offered.]

In 2001, the Foundation received tax-exempt status. As much as the Lenairs had a vision they would devote significant energy towards the nonprofit, time did not allow them to nurture the Foundation because so much time was dedicated to the Lenair Self(s) Healing Center; hence, the Foundation was stagnant for a number of years.

Rhonda’s work at the Healing Center continued to attract people from around the world because of her reputation as ‘the healer of addictions’. Tens of thousands of people came to be in her presence for ‘the addiction program’ that was only available through her. Meanwhile, the program slowly and steadily evolved. In this period, there was a strong energetic shift and Self(s) (the infinite, eternal intelligence that indivisibly and seamlessly is imparted within and connects all finite beings) was born.

The length of time Rhonda spent with clients with the in-person, private programs doubled and tripled as profound and infinite knowledge reshaped and added multiple new dimensions to what people experienced. Additionally, more miraculous occurrences began to be witnessed by her clients, and they were leaving her office with the glow of the divine.

Meanwhile, when clients were not in her presence and during sleeping hours she was ‘awakened’ by the infinite source that she was now inseparable from. She was beckoned to write and record what she received, and she became the surrogate that birthed eternal truth for all life to profit by. This eternal truth came through the expressions of dissertations, iterations, Self(s) conceived quotes, holographic metaphors, pre- and post-life sequences, eternal knowledge, and Poemantras (Self(s) calibrated prayers). This eternal truth was reflected in all she did and became omnipresent.

The potent seeds she birthed seamlessly became an integral part of all individual programs and started to magnify what new clients came to know and expected that transcended merely a resolution to their addictions. Being with Rhonda became a truly sacred experience as clients received so much more just losing an addiction: they were being transformed as they met their truth at so many levels of consciousness. And the ability to resolve addictions became a mere byproduct of what she did and still offers. Thus, the addiction program outgrew its name and became the Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) as its known today.

SHE is an advanced and expedient way to attain enlightenment and the sanctity of inner peace. SHE is legendary for producing a byproduct – a ‘predictable miracle’- that tens of thousands of people have experienced for almost three decades whereby their addictions and many other out-of-control problem were effortlessly outgrown -in seemingly an instant. People are in awe of what their systems produce so quickly and the Self(i) healings that take place almost instantaneously. In fact, the speed of what occurs, not just the Self(s) healings that take place, is a true metaphor of the larger and infinite picture of what life is yet to behold. As our world needs to be healed quickly and in multitudinous and multidimensional ways: Rhonda is the likely human primed to save the world now, as it needs immediate intervention.

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How the Self(s) Healing Experience quickly transforms one is a true metaphor for how earth and all of its inhabitants can Self(s) heal too, at an accelerated rate. As SHE becomes ONE with a microcosm (one person), as such SHE becomes ONE with all life as ONE macrocosm. As SHE affects change in one, as such SHE affects change in all as ONE Self(s) cause and effect that affects all life.

For the next ten years, Rhonda’s clientele grew and those who first interacted with her from around the world on the phone, started to travel to see her in person. Likewise, she began to travel and was invited to treat royalty in the Middle East and many celebrated public figures. But a slight change in focus was taking place. Rhonda began speaking to small groups of people both live and on the phone, and a phenomenon started taking shape.

In early 2005, Rhonda did her first teleconference. It was comprised primarily of past clients all together on the phone at once. Its purpose was to speak about the progress and development of her work, answer client questions, and provide some with medical intuitive feedback. But something else transpired as well. After these phone events, people would call or email indicating that significant changes and shifts had taken place within them. Some stated they had lost the desire to drink alcohol or stopped smoking, others indicated they had lost their anxious state, and many stated they had found a profound state of inner peace that they had never before experienced.

At this same time, it was becoming clear that Rhonda was being primed to teach – not about the addiction work she was known for, but about the knowledge that emanated from ONE Self(s) flowing through and permeating her existence now constantly. Her purpose was delivered as she was being ‘inseminated’ and calibrated with knowledge she was birthing and continues to for the world to profit by.

During this time, the Group Self(s) Healing Experience (SHE) was born:
… … … Through what SHE offers all become …
… A synthesized, seamless ONE …
… Voice reflecting Self(s) truth that’s heard …
… SHE unmutes Self(s) spoken words …
… Within all present SHE receives …
… Delivering what the group conceives …
… Pre and post seeds of birth …
… The origins of life on earth )))))))) the origins of ONE Self(s) universe )))))))) …

Rhonda’s started receiving energetic ‘scriptures’ and ancient references that reflected in writings and spoken words that affected anyone that was subject to them. And through all client and other interactions, it became indelibly clear that this knowledge she was subject to was pure, unedited truth. Whether working with one or many, her responsibility and vow is to deliver truth that is received, and perhaps that’s why SHE (the Self(s) Healing Experience and Rhonda Lenair as ONE) receives it. Her purpose is to reflect, not change or alter truth, but become ONE with it – for one in her presence (or via phone) or synthesized for many (in-person or via phone or through a Telexperience) through ONE voice reflecting all. … Pure truth that frees, whatever image or images SHE receives …

That eternal knowledge became Self(s) Education and found its home within the Lenair Healing Foundation. The purpose of Self(s) Education is to provide prerequisites necessary to comprehend Self(s) received communications that are written or spoken. The embodiment of Self(s) Education opens access to the center point of all life’s knowledge and truth.

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Self(s) Education is comprised of three major elements: Self(s) Language, Poemantra, and the Bible of Self(s).

Self(s) Language is the time eternal language of all life complete that is languaged for one or many to Self(s) teach, learn, and Self(s) heal thy self and/or selves.

 Self(s) Language is composed of: Self(s) grammar, Self(s) vocabulary, Self(s) punctuation, Self(s) etymology, Poemantra, Self(s) metaphors and more. (Learn more …)

Poemantra was born from the essence of poem and mantra. 
A hybrid seed, Self(s) conceived, received and delivered. 
Poemantras rhythmically tell,
how life can be well, through calibrating prayers 
all life produces what they hear,
Poemantras are energetic iterations, sourced by and through all creation. (Learn more …)

The Bible of Self(s)) are universal, energetically-encoded records, transcriptions, and archives that document and are constantly documenting all that lives and is a life. Any life produced, and what all life produces and is producing, is recorded. Every vibration, breath, thought or movement life takes or makes is immediately recognized, reflects, and is reflecting what is reflected as and in one self/Self(s) reflection. 
(Learn more …)


We encourage you to become a part of ‘ONE SELF(S) CAUSE FOR ONE SELF(S) PEACE’ global initiative and vision. LHF is grateful for your financial support or for the gift of your expertise in: public relations, advertising, graphic design, Internet marketing, fundraising, grant writing, email marketing, and more.


Rhonda Lenair
Co-Founder, The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center and The Lenair Healing Foundation
Benson, VT

Barry Chalfin Lenair
Co-Founder, The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center and The Lenair Healing Foundation
Benson, VT

John Parmelee, CPA
Co-Founder, Parmelee Poirier & Associates, LLP
North Scituate, RI

Frankie Boyer
National Health Talk Show Host
Boston, MA


Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to keep LHF’s mission and vision alive!

You can donate funds to The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center by clicking ‘Donate’ above or mailing a check to:

The Lenair Self(s) Healing Center
75 Scotland Road
Newbury, MA 01951
Phone: 1.888.412.8392 Fax: 1.877.500.8091

We are also grateful for your non-monetary donations in the form of volunteer service in a number of areas of need. If you possess expertise or any skills in the area of grant writing, organizing and planning large events, public relations, philanthropy, fund raising, or are affiliated with a nonprofit, institution or organization (college, university, religious or spiritual entity), your time, expertise and skills are truly needed and most appreciated.

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    "At a Glance"

    •Founded in 1999 by Rhonda Lenair and Barry Chalfin Lenair

    •Received tax-exempt status in 2001

    •Offers Group Self(s) Healing Experiences for the betterment of humanity and all life

    •Offers Self(s) educational classes and materials

    •Donates Group SHE events to other nonprofits to raise funds, awareness, and strengthen their missions

    •LHF’s major global initiative is to save humanity and all life through ‘One Self(s) Cause for One Self(s) Peace’, where all causes affect one Self(s) peace for all

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