I changed my life to be with Rhonda: I know SHE can change yours.

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Barry Chalfin Lenair

Barry Chalfin Lenair sold his partnership in a successful ad agency and gave up his entire life to join Rhonda Lenair in 1993. He joined the work he became enthralled with, was deeply touched and changed by, and watched as people predictably and miraculously healed in Rhonda’s presence. In 1999, Barry married Rhonda and in 2006, out of his love for her and to solidify his commitment to the work and human bond they seamlessly share in Self(s) communication, he changed his last name to Lenair.

Barry represents the ‘physical, definitive’ part of the work and Rhonda represents the ‘non-physical, ethereal’ part of the Self(s) Healing Experience they offer: she is known as ‘Self(s)’ – the voice of all life complete. Rhonda reflects and speaks one’s truth and miracles occur, while Barry chronicles the divine information SHE* produces.

Barry has many diverse roles in running the healing centers: he’s the voice that will welcome you and he will interface with you on the phone and in-person. He nurtures all parts of what tangibly occurs on an on-going basis and contributes to all future endeavors that support the ever-growing Self(s) Movement. Barry calls himself a ‘predictable miracle watcher’, as he witnesses the miraculous occur daily in Rhonda’s presence, as he hopes you’ll have the opportunity to experience for yourself.

UDATE: On September 9, 2014 Barry Chalfin Lenair passed away. Please follow the link to read or hear the audio of Barry’s obituary. www.paulcrogers.com

*SHE: The Self(s) Healing Experience

    "At a Glance"

    • Co-founder of Lenair Self(s) Healing Center and Lenair Healing Foundation

    • Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Lenair Self(s) Healing Center and the Lenair Healing Foundation

    • Has dedicated his life to proliferating Self(s) Illumination through SHE and Self(s) Education

    • Is a 'predictable miracle' watcher

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